In the first column below, type any questions or thoughts you have as you read. In the second column, record an example or detail from the story that brought about your question or thought. In the third column, note any

Drawing is a graphical representation of a thought, an idea, a concept, a structure or an object which actually or potentially exists in life and could be done using freehand, mechanical or computer methods. It can also be defined as

,Design is said to have been cave paintings from the South of France. They depict various animals and are said to have been made in 30,000BC. The history of writing appeared in 4000BC and with the history of these cave

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Besides the tabular form, the data may also be presented in some graphic or diagrammatic form. “The transformation of data through visual methods like graphs, diagrams, maps and charts is called representation of data. ” The need of representing data

The main idea of the author’s journal is the mistreatment of the Chinese. The main idea of the author’s journal is the freedom and equality in America. Is the author happy or unhappy with his/her experience in America? The author

The graphical images in a computer are made through a process of analysis of dots collected or picture elements. This is important since it helps in understanding of disciplines such as education, engineering, medicine, science and business related areas since

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