Going around my school wearing a Van Halen shirt, I received many puzzled looks as to who this band was. I was astounded! The most popular band in the 1980’s is now unheard of! Van Halen’s album “1984” is their

Circa Survive’s second release On Letting Go is definitely not a sophomore slump. This album is just as amazing as their first, and it definitely shows the band’s growth. The cover art for the album was once again done by

Superficial Love For centuries, artists and song writers have incorporated love into their artwork. In Lil’ Wayne 2010 hit, Bedrock, takes the basic premise of love between two people, and degrades it to a fallacious union that is only held

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This song, called Window by The Album Leaf is an alternative song and does not feature any type of singing; the whole song is instrumental. It is one of my favorite songs of all time. It provides a sense of

In a landlocked country, the most apt way to spend hot summer afternoons is to listen to a band called Beach House. A dream pop ocean, their 2012 album “Bloom” never ebbs; the listener is hit with wave after wave

The Offspring: “Americana”One might refer to The Offspring’s new “Americana” as a great CD simply from Frank Kozik’s beautiful artwork and the CD-ROM music videos and Karaoke Room because this is an enhanced CD. However, an album is known for

Dis Pater of Midnight Odyssey, an Australian one-man band, can do it all. His atmospheric black metal music, and especially this album, can make for some spacey adventures. “Funerals from the Astral Sphere” was released by I, Voidhanger Records and

The Master of Metal Master of Puppets. It may be the greatest album ever done by Metallica. It was produced by Metallica and Flemming Rasmussen. The record label was Elektra, but it later merged with Asylum to become Elektra/Asylum Records.

OneRepublic’s Native Third Time’s the Charm On their 3rd album, Native, OneRepublic released 12 fresh new songs full of catchy lyrics and great tunes. Band members Ryan Tedder, Zach Filkins, Drew Brown, Eddie Fisher, and Brent Kutzle all contributed to

Hum-“You’d Prefer an Astronaut”Many rock bands released short-lived masterpieces in the ?s. One album I have always enjoyed and believe should have gone gold is, “You’d Prefer an Astronaut,” by Hum. It had the hit song “Stars” but only sold

Before The Clash, before the Sex Pistols, heck, even before punk itself exploded upon the mainstream, there were only the Ramones, who blatantly made their presence known with their astounding self-titled debut, Ramones. Packed with unforgettably classic tracks, this outstanding

Five Iron Frenzy released their seventh and final album, “The End is Here,” to a devoted fan base. It stays in the vein of their past musical projects, offering a refreshing blend of ska and rock. The 14-track album kicks

Once a garage band in the city of Sheffield, England, Arctic Monkeys have risen from a peculiarly titled group of British teens to a globally chart-topping phenomenon. From their humble beginnings in 2002, to their latest album release of AM

Welcome to the Moulin Rouge! This soundtrack to therecent movie of the same name is jam-packed with beautiful, movingmusic. This amazing album features the chart-topping single, “LadyMarmalade” by Pink, Mya, Christina Aguliera and Lil’ Kim, and includes 13other soulful songs.

Recently, MCA Record Company reissued four Jimi Hendrix studio albums: “Are You Experienced?,” ” Axis: Bold As Love,” “Electric Ladyland” and “The Ultimate Experience,” which is a compilation of Jimi Hendrix’s best songs. These compact discs are available in a

The newly released album “Second-Hand Smoke”by the Long Beach, California band Sublime is completely mesmerizing.The album was manufactured by Gasoline Alley, a division of MCA records.This is the first Sublime album that has been released since the deathof lead singer

Artist: Circa Survive Album: On Letting Go Released: May 29, 2007 Circa Survive’s second release On Letting Go is definitely not a sophomore slump. This album is just as amazing as their first, and it definitely shows the band’s growth.

In 2003, Sufjan Stevens released Greetings from Michigan – the Great Lake State, and announced that he was making an effort of writing an entire album for each of the 50 states of the United States of America. In 2005,

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is like none other. So unique to the point that when someone asks how it was, you stand there shocked and confused as to how to respond. Once a million images and memories race

You know that any band that uses Salvador Dali’s artwork for their album cover must be cool. I think that’s the way that any punk, thrash, industrial, alternative, and other music fans will view this album. Great grooves, thoughtful, impressive

Panic At The Disco Pretty. Odd. Panic At The Disco has four members; Brandon Urie, Ryan Ross, Jon Walker, and Spencer Smith. The band’s CD “Pretty. Odd.” perfectly pieces itself together. The artwork throughout the album matches the title, along

You only live once andliving life is all that matters. Sometimes life can be hard, and throw you curveballs, but in the end what you make out of it is the final outcome.Lana Del Rey really captured this concept in

Powerman 5000 is a childhood favorite of mine having discovered them from Super Monkey Ball compilations and thought that the song that played in one of the videos was cool and checked it out. These guys are a nu metal/industrial

If you are a true rap fanatic, Jay-Z’s songs ring a familiar tune you cannot help but chime in with. He is the legend that is the industry we all know and love. Shawn Carter, also known as the great

The themes of conformity, rebellion, and knowledge are presented throughout Fahrenheit 415 and The Allegory of the Cave. The theme of this drawing combines these elements, which demonstrate that even though one can estrange himself from society, (Like the characters

While walking through the art gallery, something bright and colorful catches my eye. Stopping suddenly, I give the artwork my full attention. I say hello to the old man who also admiring the painting, he gives me a nod and

Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you. Out of my window I could see the entire city as the orange glow of the morning sun rested upon

During my time spent at SAIC’s Early College Program over the summer, I learned a lot, not just about art itself, but about what goes into it. A work of art is not simply about the final piece you see

Compare and Contrast Paper. Around the 1400s, a new artistic period flourished in Spain. This style was mainly distinguished because of its representation of drama and tension that also depicts a theme of spirituality and religion in art and literature.

Introduction There are many works of art that focus on the materialistic aspect of mankind, as well as life and death. However, few works merge these themes together seamlessly into one, in a way that makes sense and seems effortless.

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