You’ve probably heard of them, I mean, how could you not have? They’re everywhere. You see the on billboards, the internet, TV, magazines, you name it, and they’re probably there. What you may not know is who they are… Nick,

I will admit that I have OJD, (Obsessive Jonas Disorder). I take no shame in it, either. I am a fourteen-year-old girl, who LOVES the Jonas Brothers. Everyone who doesn’t know them or their songs thinks that they are still

The dream of every teenage girl was met when the Jonas Brother released their first single, Pom Poms, after three years of being dormant. Eldest brother, Kevin, went and got married while brothers Joe and Nick went and recorded their

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You’ve probably heard of them, I mean, how could you not have? They’re everywhere. You see the on billboards, the internet, TV, magazines, you name it, and they’re probably there. What you may not know is who they are… Nick,

The Jonas Brothers have been around the world playing for their millions of fans. The Jonas Brothers perform pop rock music. JB aren’t like other bands. They are very young and they write their own music unlike most other bands.

There are those who dislike the Jonas Brothers because of their plastic nature as a band. The first songs from these brothers – “Year 3000” and “S.O.S.” – are criticized for meaningless lyrics that no one can relate to. At

We all know them: they’re the Jonas Brothers. How on earth could you NOT know them? I mean they’re basically the number one boy band in America and all around the world, they have starred in Camp Rock, Camp Rock

In the beginning my friends told me that the Jonas Brothers stink. And I listened to them. In order for me to be popular, I had to dislike the Jonas Brothers, because I just wanted to be popular. Then one

Screaming girls. Gymnastics, fire, and foam. Yes, I’m talking about a Jonas Brothers concert. When I decided to go to a Jonas Brothers concert I should have known what I was getting myself into. Even before the Jonas Brothers hit

The Jonas Brothers are a hott young band that have the girls screaming. Why are theses boys so popular with the girls. Well it’s simple thay have amazing singing voices. The band are brother with the name Kevin, Joe and

The Jonas Brother a rock band. The meber are Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas. There music is song that thay have ritten. Some of there song are “Year 3000”, “When You Look Me In The Eyes”, “Hold On”, “Mandy, “Please

Let the Black Keys be “Your Everlasting Light” Brothers by the Black Keys The Black Keys’ sixth album brings a new sound, straying you away from their usual garage-rock music and enamors you with each listen. Brothers introduces a marvelous

You park the car and start walking. You look around and see the sleeping bags laid out on the sides of the roads, the tents set up near the Port-a-Potties, and the huge line wrapping around the entire arena. You

Joseph Adam Jonas (also know as Joe from the band the Jonas Brothers) grew up in Wyckoff New Jersey and was born on August 15th, 1989. He started having a passion for music when he was a toddler, but began

My taste in music is very selective. I prefer older bands, like Switchfoot, Snow Patrol – bands teenagers usually say, “Huh? Who are they?” But even with the Veronicas, the Beatles, and Bob Marley on my iPod, I had to

The hottest pop group today is better than you think. Of course it’s the Jonas Brothers. Their soft-rock is everywhere with 3 albums as a group, the Jonas Brothers are out of this world! Their 3 albums are “It’s About

When I saw “BB” I thought that the Jonas Brothers would like to be cooler. You know, that they’re gonna use LOL, OMG and stuff. But then I started listening to this song. And I’ve got to say that it’s

“Burnin’ Up” is Jonas Brothers’ first single from their album “A Little Bit Longer”. I can’t say the lyrics are ambitious but it’s still good. It’s more about growing boys trying to hold theirselves back when they see a beautiful

“Even though, we get a little crazy/Even though, we get a little loud/Even though, we’re never gonna fake it…” That’s an excerpt from the Jonas Brothers’ famed song “That’s Just the Way We Roll” from their sophomore CD, “Jonas Brothers.”

My middlename is Sindac. I hate it. It is my mother’s maiden name, which is the Filipinocustom. It means “scary feeling,” which makes me loathe it even more.But I accept it, nevertheless, just as I accept the fact that I

“Oh you’re Johnny’s little brother? You must be sick bro.” Not quite. He played like he was born with a stick in his hand. And he went through school like he already knew the answers. Having dyslexia, school has never

The bus was silent as we approached the field. I methodically and monotonously went over the plays and their corresponding routes in my head. Topeka, Kansas: ten-yard post, Cincinnati, Ohio: ten-yard out, Honolulu switch: the wide out and I switch

When my younger brother, Ibrahim, was a toddler, he used to call me dad (instead of Eyad) and we used to laugh about it. But as we grew up, 7 years apart, this joke started to become a reality. Ibrahim

Before my brother and I split apart, we were in the same school. At times, I would brag to my friends that I have a bigger brother in the hight school area. Sometimes, my friends were jealous of that and

I’ve done many things that would make any parent proud. I’veparticipated in sports, church and school events, but I ammost proud to be a good big brother. It’s an ongoingaccomplishment; I am second oldest in a family of six. Thereisn’t

My brother has been one of the most influential people in my life. I have looked up to him as a role model as a person and as a Christian. He has always been someone that I could talk to

In mid November 2010, I was just getting used to my sophomore year of high school. I’d had a sleepover with some friends, a normal weekend activity, and my mom picked me up the next day. That was when things

You never really know what your life is going to be like until it is happening. That has been true for me ever since I was little. I was an only child for seven years, and then my little brother

When I was in kindergarten, my brother and I were so friendly. One day, my brother hit me. I did not know why he beat me. I cried and punched him back. So I started to hate him. When I

As I mopped sweat from my forehead and onto my already flooded shirt, I realized I could not lose this game. It was fourth and goal, and the he was only three yards away from the end zone. I looked

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