A Heart Within? “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired,” as Robert Frost once said. Love is an awesome topic to explore due to it causing happiness, sorrow, and some emotions quite indescribable. Rise Against’s Savior definitely illustrates

“Raise a glass, hold it high and make it last, here’s a toast to all of the boys and the girls!” sings Petros of Dizzy Balloon. Then, in the background we hear the playful piano, the rhythmic drums, the lead

Imagine. You’re standing on stage in front of all your friends, guitar in hand, the lights go up and… You snap out of your daydream. For Corona, Calif. high school seniors Christian Elamparo, Steen Kevett, Michael Pena and Jon Rivas

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Rob Scallon, an indie musician from Chicago, Illinois brings us his fourth album, named after himself. Rob is a talented musician, but is relatively unknown in the music world. His songs’ Youtube videos mostly average under 50 thousand views, with

I like to say that my life has been one of constant motion. I have grown up in many different neighborhoods, schools, and with people from all sorts of backgrounds. Consequently, my environments have created much of who I am

There is no doubt that America is one of the biggest garbage producers in the world. Landfills are being filled with tons of non-biodegradable materials and a lot of other unnecessary materials that can be recycled. The waste that is

It was hard to accept, but the dreaded day had finally arrived. I still remember the tears welling up in my six-year-old sister’s eyes as she looked around the empty closet in wonder. The space once filled with his clothes

Growing up I always wanted to be needed. Whether it was by my mother in the kitchen, my sister in the backyard, or my dad in the basement I loved the feeling of being required by someone in order to

When one hears the word “risk,” images of jumping out of airplanes at high speeds and altitudes are naturally conjured up. But falling from the sky is not the only type of risk, nor is it the type of risk

Imagine a saffron-colored robed Buddhist monk grooving to loud music being played by lanky, curly haired teenage boys in a dark basement in Brooklyn. This image is one of the many that describes the various extremes in my life. My

Because of John Green, I want to be a writer. He and his brother, Hank Green, self-built their YouTube community, Nerdfighteria that promotes curiosity, creativity and collaboration. With Nerdfighteria, John Green wrote his best-selling novel The Fault in Our Stars.

After 21 years of marriage to the United States Air force, my family has lived in and experienced a variety of communities and cultures. My Father, a now retired lieutenant colonel, has served the air force his entire adult life.

Volunteering Builds Character I just turned thirteen; most girls my age babysit in their neighborhood, and for most of them, that’s as far as they reach out to help others in their communities. On the contrary, I have been a

The English and the French both settled in North America around the same time. The English however was more successful than the French. Some historians say that the French was dominant and settled better than the English. However, because of

There wouldn’t be delicacy in life, unless there’s happiness. Happiness wouldn’t be in a life, inside a soul, if there’s no rest, peace, justice, love and enjoyment. Partly, money is also necessary as that is responsible for our position in

Linguistics defines a speech community through many ways. All speech communities have a set of grammatical rules, phonology, syntax, and lexicons. As well as having social norms in which they share through actions. By a person’s speech it can give

Base Communities Essay, Research PaperChristian Base Communities Confront the Neo-Liberal Projectby Juan Manuel HurtadoJuan Manuel Hurtado is a member of the theological committee of the Christian Base Communities of Mexico. This article appeared in Spanish in the July 1992 edition

ABET ABET Adult Basic Education for Social Change ABET adult basis education and training budget Civil society Education Governance and democracy Human rights literacy NGOs rights Why is a large broad-based adult basic education programme not part of government’s ‘New

[pic] PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY A step by step guide for promoting services to people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities Prepared by Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne) in cooperation with the MIC Health and Aged Care Working Group and the Migrant

Drugs and Alcohol Therapeutic Communities In today’s world, people each and everyday from a wide range of teenagers to adults, abuse substances such as illegal drugs and alcohol. Not all of these people are open to admit that they indeed

Research has revealed several attributes of a school that proves to lead towards student learning and higher achievement including strong leadership, clear and shared mission, vision, values, and goals, collective inquiry, action oriented, collaborative teams that work interdependently, a focus

Normally, in a professional learning community also known as a PLC, the educators work together brainstorming ideas, lessons, and activities that will support a plan to be implemented all in hopes of the student’s achievement. A professional learning community can

There is no single definition or explanation of a disaster, as a matter of fact in this modern age of science and technology one could predict the time and place and estimate the damage when a disaster would hit a

Miseries of the African Communities in a post-independent socio-political state The African communities, over different time and space, were not able to cope up with the Europeanised socio-political norms and laws, after gaining their independence from their ‘white’ rulers. The

An underserved community or population is defined as a group of people who, for a variety of reasons, do not have equal access to health and health care services. This type of community is located in rural and urban areas.

Exploration of deep ocean and abyssal communities is a very challenging duty for scientists. Deep-Sea Exploration aims to survey and examine the different conditions of the ocean – physically, chemically, and biologically. Such is being conducted for both scientific and

A discussion about affordable housing and whether the community and the black church should be involved in the issue of affordable housing in the United States. The following paper looks at the issue of affordable housing focusing on programs such

Critical review of study of relationships among local, state & federal govts. as essence of democratic process. At least once a generation, the relationship among state, local and federal power becomes an enduring theme in the continuing debate that constitutes

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