I have listened to a lot of music and when I bought “The Presidents of The United States” CD I was relieved. Most music these days has a great deal of moaning and groaning. The Presidents actually sing and you

A classic hit of the 1980s Hotel California is one of the greatest rock songs to be ever made.The electric, base and acoustic guitars have been used creatively to make music that is pleasant and soothing to the ears. Hotel

Since the early 2000s, boy bands have fizzled out with the desire to wear ponchos and overalls. The pop music scene said “Bye, Bye, Bye” to NSYNC, and “Quit Playing Games” with the Backstreet Boys. It wasn’t “The Hardest Thing”

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Fall Out Boy came back with a bang after a too long hiatus with Save Rock and Roll and while they didn’t quite save rock and roll, they re-created themselves in the best way possible. With guest singers like Elton

Between The Buried and Me’s third album is on the rise in 2005. Being the first of many consept albums the band has produced it is similar to that of Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime where you know there’s a story, it’s

“The Battle of Los Angeles” is perhaps the best album by Rage Against the Machine, and it marks the peak of their history, considering they disbanded the following year. “The Battle of Los Angeles” consists of Zack de la Rocha’s

Many music fans may have thought Dave Mustaine’s career was finished when he was fired from Metallica back in 1985, but he bounced back with a new band, Megadeth. Megadeth, made up of Mustaine, guitarist and singer, Marty Friedman, lead

If you’re a fan of David Gray and the Dave Matthews band,you might want to check out Howie Day’s debut album, “Australia.”Friend of the man, and fan of the latter, Howie’s style is influenced by thesetwo. Hailing from Bangor, Maine,

Another great CD I have bought is American Idiot by Green Day.It is the first of Green Day’s rock operas about the fictional character the Jesus of Suburbia who runs away.The track list is as follows 1. American Idiot 2.

Let me start off by saying Motley Crue is a hard rock eighties band, big hair, white makeup, the whole bit. They are really, really obscene, always stereotyping girls and anybody who is not like them. Motley Crue’s newest album

Review of A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr. What makes a song classified under true country music? Well Hank Williams Jr knows the answer to that question. In his song A Country Boy Can Survive Hank truly

Bubbling over with exhaustion and the robbery of their #1 record, Megadeth came out of 1992 with success. Some would say Megadeth hit their peak in popularity. They began recording a follow-up to their highly-acclaimed record ‘Countdown To Extinction’ in

On the sixth of January, 2011, I attended a performance which took place in San Ramon Valley High School’s Performing Arts Theatre. But much to my surprise, the high school’s choir wasn’t the only group performing. Another choir, consisting of

You’ll definitely remember this amazing album for centuries. The band Fall Out Boy did it again with their new memento American Beauty/American Psycho. This unique sound executed on the collection is what appeals most to listeners. Under the alternative genre,

The song “Fix My Eyes” by for KING & COUNTRY is a reflection of how the lyricists and members of the band, Luke and Joel Smallbone, would live their lives differently if they could, “…hit rewind, click delete,stand face to

People think when you get older, you mature. I learned that you mature from experience, not by age. I’m not trying to gain any ones sympathy but everything I been through so far, created my outlook how to take on

In the 7th grade I made a decision that stripped me of something valuable: a typical high school experience. Instead of spending 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grade in the U.S., I traveled to Sudan. My grades from Junior year

According to a study done in 2012 by the United States Humane Society (United States Humane Society), around 47% of households owned at least one dog. As we all know, there are many sicknesses and diseases that can hurt our

My bill is the next on the docket. It’s the middle of the day at the JSA convention in Washington D.C.. It’s my turn to say what I think should be done. You’ve done this over and over. You’ve got

Hiking through the mountains of Colorado was never my plan for an ideal summer. I wanted to take courses at Yale University and experience life as an Ivy Leaguer. I abruptly opted out of New Haven and decided to explore

My first best friend is someone who edits my essays. My second best friend is my computer. My third best friends are the nameless, faceless editors of Wikipedia. My battles are not fought with pens or swords, but with the

Stubby fingers clumsily fiddled with the top button of a navy-blue Oxford shirt. Once this ­formidable task was accomplished, I grabbed my Spider-Man book bag and left my room. Following my daily routine, I headed toward the front door only

The clouds were absolutely as puffy as they could ever be, compared to any other view. I wanted to jump out the airplane window and bounce on the clouds as if they were trampolines. Along with the excitement of now,

Every year the eighth grade at my school participates in a two-week long project. The class is split up into two teams: the Americans and the Soviets. Our goal is to win our teachers over with information, propaganda, and bribes.

Topic: Describe how a work of art, music, dance, theater, or literature has inspired you. Part of the Advanced Placement English curriculum at my school involves reading Robert Persig’s book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. The novel as

After we stretched, Coach Mulrooney called the varsity cross-country squad away from the rest of team. It was strange because he had never done this before, so we knew it wasn’t good. All of us just had the worst race

It was October 9, 2007 in the city of Lehi, Utah. At home, Marianne Watson contemplated on the ever-nagging question; what’s for dinner? A sigh escaped from her mouth, as well as her heart, as she realized it would be

America was not founded as a Christian nation. There are many reasons why this is so. During the 1600’s the Virginia Company of London, viewed settling as a profit. Jamestown was settled by many wealthy bourgeoise who were enticed by

Does one ever wonder about euthanasia? Well this paper should inform one on why euthanasia hurts. Euthanasia carries the risk of non-voluntary euthanasia, even though the Constitution protects life; therefore, it should have the same punishment as criminal homicide. The

“Find Something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” –Julia Child I was very small when I discovered the love I had for food–making food, decorating food, plating food, eating food. At around four years old, I

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