For hundreds of years, British missionaries, merchants, and soldiers interacted with Nigerian along the Atlantic coast, bringing Christianity (the British tried to convert all the people of Nigeria to Christianity), British education, and the English language to Nigeria. On January

The organization is dedicated to humanitarian and charitable endeavourers within Nigeria and whatever society the members find themselves. The Pirates Creed – The Piratical aims of fighting all social ills and conformist degradation within and outside our midst stand supreme.

The Yoruba tribe of Nigeria are said to have one of the worlds largest proportions of multiple births. Of every 1000 births there Is about 45-twln birth. It is felt that It was as a result of this large proportion

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RESEARCH PROPOSAL 1. INTRODUCTION We might perhaps begin with an acknowledgement of the fact that capitalism is on the ropes all over the world. The observation by the one time British Prime Minister Ted Heath on the “ugly and unacceptable

CRUDE OIL REFINING OR PETROLEUM PRODUCTS IMPORTATION: WHICH IS ECONOMICAL FOR NIGERIA? ABSTRACT: One of the most crucial challenges facing Nigeria is being able to meet the energy need of the energy hungry populace; the exponential population growth makes it

The procurement and distribution of fertilizer have been the focal point in the Agricultural development. The Federal Government should reiterate its determination to ensure that farmers receive adequate supply of all categories of fertilizer at a subsidised rate. The Federal


Fariha Ahsan, period 5 This article displays a vivid picture for us about the conditions in Nigeria due to the oil reserves. Though Nigeria contained the potential to strive and become a wealthy oil nation, leaving the cocoon of poverty

The intricacies and challenges in the realization of public housing delivery in Nigeria. By G. O. Mudashir and M. D. Ahmed, phD. Department of Architecture, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. e-mail: [email protected] com [email protected] yahoo. com Keywords: Housing, development plan, housing

Nigeria’s economic aspirations have remained that of altering the structure of production and consumption patterns, diversifying the economic base and reducing dependence on oil, with the aim of putting the economy on a part of sustainable, all-inclusive and non-inflationary growth.

The Federal Republic of Nigeria comprises thirty six states and its Federal Capital Territory is Abuja. Nigeria is located in West Africa and shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east,

Others see multilingualism as a political matter, that is, an issue which requires solutions to language problems from the policy makers who are political authorities in a multilingual nation, and as an economic problem, because, as Jahr (1998) states, chaotic

This development was heralded as an avenue to usher in democratic stability and good governance. However, contrary to widespread expectations, the post-military regime became an avenue for the explosion of violent ethno-religious conflicts in Nigeria. As a matter of fact,

Several countries have achieved growth through an export–led strategy. Small economies in particular have very little opportunity to achieve productivity and efficiency gains to support growth. Without tapping into larger markets through external trade, Nigeria’s relatively large domestic market can

The Nigerian foreign exchange market; rate determination; control and prospects for Naira convertibility Good morning members of the high table, my colleagues in the industry and all other distinguished guests. It is my greatest pleasure to present this paper at

The legislation and the regulations by Nigerian officias has become one of the major problems of Larson. The value of the company by the Securities and Exchange Committee has been extremely low and the sales collection and payment to suppler

The literature review was crucial to this dissertation since it was the major part of the dissertation that examined several secondary sources and reinforced the aim which is to critically analyse and investigate the extent to which physical infrastructure has

However, Competition in the Nigerian beer market is getting fiercer as environmental and economic conditions affect the disposable income of the consumer. Growths in this industry in recent times have been achieved through innovation, market share increase and exploration of

Responsibility for internal security may range from police to paramilitary forces, and in exceptional circumstances, the military itself. (Wikipedia) Threats to Internal security Threats to the general peace may range from low-level civil disorder, large scale violence, or even an armed insurgency. Threats to internal security may be directed

The significance of agriculture in bringing about economic growth and development of a nation cannot be underestimated, the reason why a nation possesses sustainable food security, is because it produces enough food to feed her citizens and even export these

Multinational companies have to “engage in business practices to avoid negative consequences to their stakeholders” (Cullen, & Parboteeah, 2011, pg. 127). Multinational companies have to retain basic rights such as: pursuing fair profits and indicating duties provide equal wages for

ABSTRACT This paper examines the relationship between religion and sustainable development, as well as the role of Nigerian intellectuals in ameliorating religious crisis in the country. Religion, as a system of faith is based on belief in the existence of

Ekundayo Falade Professor Baldwin MA5- Research Paper Final Draft 5/6/2013 Colonization Colonization is term used to refer to a specific type of interaction between states, countries, or territories. Colonization is said to have taken place in the event one country,

The research investigated the causes and consequence of building collapse in Nigeria using historical data from 1974 to 2006 and also proffers appropriate solutions. Relevant books, seminar papers, workshop papers, articles, etc. were reviewed so as to examine the general

The Supreme Court is the highest courts in Nigeria established in 1963 when Nigeria had a republican status. Prior to 1963 the courts of England was the highest courts in Nigeria. Presently the supreme courts of Nigeria is established in

The evolution of Nigeria was from about 1849 until it attained independence in 1960. During this period a lot of events occurred, and is largely the story of the great impact of the British on the Nigerian people. The colonial

The importance of establishing public enterprises or corporation began during the 19th century with the British telecom in 1884 under the telecommunication act and gained a worldwide support in Britain thereafter. Several nations particularly those in Africa, have come to

Applies an analysis of overlapping cleavages in the Nigerian political culture toward supporting a new political movement – humorously entitled “the Crusaders Party.” This paper responds to the prompt, “Design a proposal, for a person of substantial wealth, desiring to

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