Dance Gavin Dance is an experimental hardcore sextet from California. They are one of the most inventive bands on the scene, incorporating jazz-rock elements with R&B elements to create an ­experience the hardcore scene has never heard before. Dance Gavin

If it’s not a consensus that Valery Gergiev has brought new life to the British musical scene that hasn’t been seen in decades, it should be. The LSO is attaining new heights, playing on a super-virtuoso level that isn’t very

To start off, Blood on the Dance Floor is a band in which you must have a certain taste in music, and if you don’t like them, please don’t hate on them. There are two main members, Dahvie Vanity and

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BOTDF’s career started out shakily. Dahvie Vanity had come out of another group that disbanded due to the other members’ not being able to tour like Vanity. BOTDF officially got its start in 20007, with the first full album, Let’s

Garth Brooks sang a famous song called The Dance. The Dance at first glance means dance, but upon reading the poem the knowledge is gained that the dance really means life. The narrator of the poem is someone who died

Bowling For Soup has typically never been known to make the most thought-provoking music or had the most ground-breaking styles, but there was a point in my life in which Denton, Texas-based Bowling For Soup was my favorite band. This

Jason Mraz is an extraordinary music genius. He has his fans moving and dancing to the rhythms of reggae, hip hop, pop, rock and folk. He also has the coffeehouse vibe. His vision of sound makes songs that are sure

This song first caught my attention after being a Newsies fan for two years and I find out that an actor I’ve wished to meet has passed away due to cancer. The late actor was friends with this singer named

At the young age of three I waltzed into the Karen Bernard School of Dance not knowing that it would become my second home for the next fourteen years and have such a great impact on my life. While my

Manhattan’s Upper West Side was invigorated with joy, illuminated by the spirit of those who had come to celebrate millennia of Jewish tradition. Songs echoed through the streets, bodies spun in fervent dance, and amongst friends and strangers, children and

The wooden gym doors slightly creek open as I walk in hesitantly and nervous. Sweaty palms and cold, semi-bare feet tiptoe and make contact with the freshly waxed wooden floor. The leather piece of material wrapped to the bottoms of

I’ve been interested in Native Americans and their culture since I was a little girl. I can track my enthusiasm back to kindergarten, when I had a coloring book featuring the Blackfoot tribe (and the Europeans they were eventually forced

Hands stretch, head ducks, legs kick, and arms grab. “Clunk!” The sound of a bowling ball smacks the floor, and a series of gasps blare through my ears. I see blackness. “Bethany, are you okay?” It takes my mind a

There are hundreds of types of dances. Dance is basically moving your body in different styles. Some common types of dance are ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and all kinds of waltzes. Dance is very popular and you see it all

I stood in front of the mirror yet again. Slowly applying the skin colored concealer over the purple circle surrounding my eye. I wondered if I could hide it to avoid the questions, to protect my boyfriend, the predator. I

The lights are glowing with a fuzzy haze that makes the audience beyond the curtain impossible to see. They are nothing more than a blurred darkness, yet I know they are there. Will they notice if I fall? Will they

When the lights are low, and I take one step onto that dance floor, I have never felt more alive in my life. With a deep breath, I walk out onto the black floor. I stop, pose and wait for

When I was little, I did not wander as a cloud. I floated on one. I have to admit, when the assignment was given to us to write about a poem I did not think I would find one that

Standing in front of the mirror one day, I came to the harsh realization that I fell short of the requirements of my dream. The reflection that stared back was of a skinny brown-haired girl who stood a mere five

As I was applying to colleges about a year ago, I felt like a multigrain bread slice. I had many appealing aspects, many types of grains, about myself but how would I know if the college seeing how well I

The date of my great epiphany eludes me, but even now, six months later, the fateful quote still resounds perfectly in my ears: “Hey Helen, Rachel’s gonna stretch ‘em today, okay?” This sentence, however insignificant it seemed, struck me in

Dancing has been an important part of my life for more than eight years. When I was eight, my mother enrolled me in dancing classes, never realizing it would lead to anything serious. For the first few months, dance was

The gleaming morning sun peered through my window. The sound of the coffee grinder made me want to cringe inside. The smell of bacon and pancakes stimulated my senses. I slowly rolled over, staring up at the ceiling thinking of

Walking down the streets of Barceloneta, I could hear the sound of the wind whispering in my ears. I could feel the multitude of people conveying an amazing energy. Some were bursting into tears, and some into laughs. Young children

“We Can’t Dance” is a pleasant album which lacks direction. In several places Genesis tries to return to its 1970s art-rock roots. Two songs, “Driving the Last Spike” and “Fading Lights,” clock in at over ten minutes. While lengthy suites

Dancing never crossed my mind as a little girl. I loved to play sports such as basketball, volleyball, and I ran track. All that suddenly changed when I entered high school, I would find myself isolated with little to no

NUNS recommends completing a PhD in six Semesters (3 years) for full-time candidates. Ethical issues have been considered and approval for the research has been given by the NUNS Ethics Committee; the topic matches your interests and capabilities. What is

Throughout the book, many detectives were given false information that loud attempt to point them in the wrong direction. The next important character of this book is the twelve year old Gun boy that was murdered. His name is Ernest

Dance sport is set to become an Olympic event. Personally I am not in favor of this. Not for a moment would I dispute the fact that dancers have considerable athletic prowess. Nonetheless, I feel that all Olympic events should

Back then, the alphabet used was different and were similar to the Malay-Polynesian alphabet which we called Alabama. Written works however did not last long because the Spanish Friars burned them believing that they were works of the devil or

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