Death Cab for Cutie is by far the most compelling band around. You see rappers today making “music” about nothing but the vulgar aspects of sex, emo bands constantly crying about how awful life is, but Death Cab shows us

“No Mercy is the way of the fist!” the motto of thousands who know the band Five Finger Death Punch. Eight years and the knuckleheads are still towering over the competition with an iron fist. From the moment I heard

Death Cab for Cutie, arguably indie rock’s greatest success story, has added a new album to an already outstanding and impressive discography late this past May with Codes and Keys. The band’s seventh album has gotten both positive and negative

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The Protomen is an indie, progressive rock band stationed in Nashville, Tennessee. Criminally obscure, they give their all to every show they play and show a massive amount of talent in each song they create. They released their sophomore album,

Panic! at the Disco’s new album, 2016 release Death of a Bachelor features a variety of hits from the party-ridden Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time to the swooning ballad, Impossible Year. Panic!’s current lineup is exclusively frontman Brendon

Death Cab For Cutie’s new album, “Narrow Stairs,” is a masterpiece. This incredibly relatable album grabs listeners for the whole 45 minutes, dragging them through stories of heartbreak, loss, jealousy, and deception. Whether it’s a tragic break-up or a drastic

Death Cab for Cutie’s album “Plans” is perfect for any teen that loves alternative music – or doesn’t. The lead vocalist, Ben Gibbard, sings to our generation. The songs are easy to relate to if you’re a teen with an

Remember Are You Dead Yet? Well I’ll be backtracking a bit to this release in 2003. Finnish Melodic Death Metal bands seem to have a certain charm that not one band from the Gothenburg scene can match. Children of Bodom

Lastspring, Megadeth released “The World Needs a Hero.” As with many ’80sheavy-metal bands (not to be confused with hair metal), Megadeth’s sound hasbecome less thrashy and more hard rock. Despite a seemingly ever-changing lineup,the band’s founders Dave Mustaine and David

Algos(pronounced Al – Hose) is melodic death metal solo project from the Netherlands. Although it is melodic death metal, this man does incorporate some doom metal and progressive metal influences as well as he has influences even for Opeth, Swallow

Comprised of three working-class English accents stomping andsweating around the stage, The Cribs opened and provoked no more reaction from the haughty hipstersthan an occasional surly foot tap. They powered through their set, though, dressed in tight pantsand even tighter

Death is one of the most legendary metal bands in the world. As one of the first death metal bands to unfold, the people of Orlando, Florida have had some time for extreme music. Unfortunately, their frontman, Chuck Shuldener(or however

If you ever thought that there could never be such a thing as melodic grindcore, I encourage you to think again. This is an interesting release might I add. I recommend, you come into this open-minded. So as with many

If ‘Transatlanticism’ was an inhale, ‘Plans’ is the exhale,” says Jason McGerr, drummer of the up-and-coming Death Cab for Cutie. “Plans” is their sixth album and conveys imaginative lyrics, with enthralling guitar and piano music. “Plans” opens with front-man Benjamin

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 raked in 1.342 billion dollars when it first came out, making it the highest grossing film of 2011 and in the whole Harry Potter series. Having watched the movies several times, that

“Death Cab for Cutie: Transatlantisim” There’s never a really definitive way to describe Indie Rock sensation Death Cab for Cute. Their style seems to sprout right from the Beatle’s Across the Universe and I am The Walrus, taking the flowing,

If you are looking for a cd that has some great songs and then some songs to take up space, this is not the cd for you. If you are looking for a cd where every song is fantastic and

I remember that dreadful day like it happened yesterday. The whole day seemed off in the first place, my close family members crowded around me in my room. The more my family members surrounded me, the more claustrophobic I felt.

Blackness surrounds me, I am losing breathe… Fast-forward to the beginning of the day. I was only five-years-old but I was ambitious. My family and I were on vacation and our destination had been a waterpark. Before our trip, I

At the moment of birth, an invisible timer is graciously attached to our being. It slowly counts down to the moment that we cease to exist on Earth. We hope this timer is courteous enough to allow us to experience

Death is a grueling event that happens in everyone’s life. If it has not happened, it will. Whether those who succumb to Death are murdered, overdose on drugs, or simply die of old age, they leave one’s life forever; yet,

The blood rushed up as it overpowered the man’s mind, body and soul. In his mind, the man looked up to the heavens praying to God that he would answer his quiestion on why he was being taken out of

Some of my earliest memories are of my grandmother and me. I had always thought about her being here for my high school graduation, my wedding, and every other important milestone I may face. That fantasy was shattered by the

Every year the eighth grade at my school participates in a two-week long project. The class is split up into two teams: the Americans and the Soviets. Our goal is to win our teachers over with information, propaganda, and bribes.

At the age of 8 weeks, a developing baby’s facial features are visible and his heart is beating steadily. Even at this early age they already posses the two qualities that are most vital to human existence: identity and health.

There are many different reasons why people do the things that they do in life. The choices people make always have a reason or reasons behind them. In the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller human failings were the cause

Surfing With Death by Michael Miller, Bay Shore, NYOver the past five years many people, places and things have influenced me. One particular experience gave me a renewed zest for living and a different perspective on life.It was during the

“… they can relate to you because you understand what it’s like. Now I know why you said you want to be an oncologist.” I gave Sandy a smile and went back to my post. I hadn’t gone to volunteer

One thing that is equal to life is death.Death cannot be described,but its properties can be told. 1)It snatches away at anytime it likes regardless of circumstance,location or countless pleas. 2)Life is fair.What is not fair is death. 3}It is

Dreaming is a natural part of humanity. It allows us to escape, from a darkness, that blinds us from, the burden of reality. Most people strive for the highest point in excellence and we attempt to avoid tragedies. In spite

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