Dance Gavin Dance is an experimental hardcore sextet from California. They are one of the most inventive bands on the scene, incorporating jazz-rock elements with R&B elements to create an ­experience the hardcore scene has never heard before. Dance Gavin

When David Archuleta began his amazing career, he was merely a 17-year old contestant on American Idol with the same dream as all of the others. However, he had enough talent and, let’s admit it girls, good looks to make

Most nu-metal groups have gained a reputation for being loud, hard, and violent, with disposable lyrics about adolescent rage being the forefront of pretty much all their songs. Though many notable bands have broken this rule, System of a Down

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Selena Gomez has come out with a new album called “When The Sun Goes Down” this summer! This album has caused commotion, excitement and an explosion of support for Selena from her fans from all around the world. When I

No doubt the biggest teenage superstar at the moment is Disney darling Selena Gomez. Starting off as the lead role in the hit show, Wizards Of Waverly Place, Gomez has ventured out of her comfort zone into both music and

Here it goes making my first review of a CD.What a better way to start it off than with Green Day’s newish CD 21st Century Breakdown. 1. Song of the Century: 9.5/10 because it is short although the lyrics are

This is Liam Payne’s breakout single. In case you don’t remember, Liam Payne is from the very famous boy band ‘One Direction’. Prior to the release of the song, Liam posted teasers of it on Instagram, he was the last

I got this album from my friend Alex. It has “Needles”, “Toxicity”, “Prison Song”, “Psycho”, “Shimmy”, “Aerials”, “Atwa”, “Forest”, “Deer Dance” and 5 more that I can’t think of right now. The whole album really rocks. It’s filled with heavy

Amaryllis Shinedown Shinedown is an amazing band. Unlike the “music” that many teens listen to today, all of Shinedown’s songs have an actual meaning (drugs/sex and money/fame don’t count as meanings). But, Amaryllis is no ordinary Shinedown song: it’s a

La Dispute is a five piece post-hardcore band from Michigan that formed in 2004. They are composed of vocalist Jordan Dreyer, drummer Brad Vander Lugt, guitarists Chad Sterenberg and Kevin Whittemore and Bassist Adam Vass. They distribute their albums through

Most of the time Most of the music that I listen to is weird and unusual . I know few people that have heard of this band. The few people that know of them don’t give them much credit for

It was back in September 2009, just days after his wisdom teeth removal, when David Archuleta headed to Nashville to start the writing process for his second pop album. Now, over a year later, the new music has finally been

This is a review for the new HipHop/Dance hit song “Turn Down for What”. This song is by DJ Snake and Li’l Jon. I was surprised with how much I actually liked this song. In fact, I actually loved it.

The song “Down” by…I don’t even know who simply sums up pop music today. All the same. The only requirements for a song to be popular nowaday is a catchy chorus and some verses that say how a girl should

First off, to like this CD, you have to like rap music. This is not a typical 2Pac album, but rather is a collaborative double CD of the late 2Pac Shakur. It contains previously unreleased music and some of the

Download: “Heartless” by Kanye West Hip-Hop/Rap artist Kanye West certainly outdid himself when he released his new single “Heartless,” which fans of his previous work should certainly download. Similar to his last single “Love Lockdown,” West showcases an edgier voice,

While anticipating the Kings’ latest album, there was a lot of debate among fans. Would they go back to their garage-country-rock roots or continue with the arena rock and pop hits of the last album? First off, let’s talk basics.

As Kenny Chesney’s I Go Back plays through your speakers the memories of times of the past can’t help but begin to run through your head and your taken back to “another place and time”. There’s something about the innocence,

Shinedown is an Alternative Rock Band that has made the popular album Sound Of Madness and has been reviewed by many other people before me. Some of my faves are “Adrenaline,” “Sound of Madness,” “Diamond Eyes,” and “Bully.” I honestly

It’s that time of year again… The summer rolls by and that can only mean one thing for Directioners… It’s time for a new album! We hear whispers and tweets all year of One Direction cooking up their new album…

What joy I had when Green Day’s 21st Century Breakdown came out. I’ve been a big fan of them since forever. Eversince they’re breakthrough album, American Idiot, these punks from California have become an iconic band. Green Day consists of

“As I went down to the river to pray, studying about the good old days” is an amazing song about a older artist who found her love for music. Allison wrote this song maybe not even knowing that it would

“Steal This Album” by System of a Down is just another doomed escapade in the long and painful parade of musical blunders from modern metal bands. While some of the songs are typical System with abstract musical rhythms and somewhat

Climbing onto the ski lift, I began to shiver. The temperature below zero degrees, I couldn’t contain my nervousness. Approaching the top of the hill, I grabbed my friend’s hand and slid off the ski lift. Seeing the massive hill

My hand twirled around my pen as I stared at the curvy lines I had written. I carefully added another line of verse. I smiled at my work and read it over again. This was going well. Maybe. I read

It was 12:30 p.m. and sweat was rolling offmy forehead. Surrounded by an army of diskettes, notes and reminders, Iworked desperately; I only had 10 minutes to put the finishing toucheson a publication thousands would read. This is a reflection

It’s funny how a person remembers certain details of their life more clearly than others. For instance, I remember the exact song I was listening to the moment when I realized that I was never going home again. I was

When I was 8 years old, I thought I was the stealthiest child who ever lived- climbing up the winding, extended braches of the plum tree in my backyard, doing flips and seeing the world go upside down and back

“I believe that friends can bring you down, just as much as you hoped they wouldn’t.” I’m almost a 15 year old teenage girl just wanting to be able to make old things better and throw all the feelings away

Don’t Back Down “I’m still gunna have recess, right?” Of all things, recess was the only concern I had about skipping a grade. I didn’t consider the challenges of being a year younger than the rest of my class. Then

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