026 Resistance by Various Artists

10 October 2019

Another album has gone by and the first one of the expected five for 2016. Starting off very much like the start of 2015 with Stonebank hardcore and an indie dance song. This album contains 1 Dubstep song, 1 DnB song, 1 Drumstep, 2 Electro songs, 2 Trap songs, 6 EDM songs, 1 Glitch Hop song, 3 House songs, 1 Hard Dance song, 6 Future Bass songs and 5 Indie Dance songs.

As the first of five for the year, this one is a bit split down the middle and may contain some unoriginality in some areas like with Anntihero by Noisestorm or Synchronize by Hellberg. This also contains the largest number of EP and LP releases over the course of the album as well, some are from 025 released singles like with Puppet, Tut Tut Child and Haywyre. There are also many more new artists and some that have had a long return like Hellberg, Hush, Conro, San Holo, Melano, Loosid, Trivecta. Draper, Eminence, Rezonate and Supermans Feinde.

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The good songs are really good and the bad songs, mostly indie dance this time are incredibly forgettable. As usual, I would prefer the heavy mix over the other, Defience as it’s know. Some of my favorite tracks include Devotion, Bound 2 You, Edge of The World, Greatness, All Alone, Vagabond, Enough Is Enough, Clouds and They Just Haven’t Seen It. It’s also nice to see some artists like Trivecta, trying something completely different than what they’re known for. It’s a good start for the year, but I expect better in 027.

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