027 Cataclysm by Various Artists

So looks like the Monstercat story continues as Monstercat is being abducted by other cat aliens. Meanwhile we have more 30 more songs to go through. With those, we have some new artists like slushii, Unlike Pluto, Marshmello and Aruna and some returning artists like Hyper Potions, Direct, Rich Edwards, Protostar and Rameses B. In this album we have 5 drum n bass songs, four trap songs, two future bass songs, 3 dubstep songs, 3 indie dance songs, 6 house songs, 1 drumstep song, 1 hard dance song, 5 electronic songs and 1 electro song.

So in this album we have some weird genres done by some of these artists and Pegboard Nerds and Krewella come back with a dubstep song, well it’s been a few years so let’s celebrate. Noisestorm, and Protostar have a DnB song and Stonebank has a trap song. Hyper Potions makes a dream a dream collab with the electro artist Nitro Fun and makes a tropical house song with that as well. Melano makes a really weird form of drumstep and Unlike Pluto’s debut can rival Stephen Walking in weirdology. Also Muzzy, Hush and Mr. Fijiwiji release new EP’s, Muzzy being my favorite. The two mixes here are Trials and Tribulations. My favorites of this mix are Marshmello-Alone, Slushii-Emptiness, Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE-Superstar, Muzzy-Children of Hell, Slips n Slurs & MIKAH!-Wifi Tears and Protostar-No Turning Back. It seems a little bit better than 026 for sure but the songs in 026 seem alot more memorable in my eyes, then again, I’ve listened to most of these songs only once and it was just released as of now. There is definitely some more experimenting when compared to the last one though, it reminds me of five albums ago, 022, there was alot going on there and unlike this one, all the colors were used at least once, including some lesser done genres like Hard Dance and Trance.

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