1.10 the Great Gatspys

4 April 2017

The ‘dream’ has been altered The American dream meant so much more in the past than it does today. The concept of it has been changed from principles of freedom, to materialism.

The basis of the dream in what seems a long time ago was the constitution, the declaration of independence, laws, and the bill of rights. These few things meant so much to our growing land. Citizens wanted to be free, and to have rights as did other countrys that came to America seeking those very same things. That was Americas dream.Today however in the present we already have our rights and freedoms but we want so much more. In my own opinion Americans have become very selfish and I am but one in the group. We want land, houses, cars, money, love, families, and things we want not the things we need.

As the future pushes froward it will bring upon greater things that we will ‘want. ‘ The dream will never have the same principles as it used to! 2. The American Dream is something that many people share. The idea that anyone achieve prosperity and wealth in a free country as ours.Usually it deals with ownership, like the ownership of a house, or a car, which many people are proud of. It also has to do with raising a family in a free country without having to worry about your rights being taken away. The American Dream is a political con that is worked on the USA people by successive governments to persuade the voters that they can ignore the abject poverty, isolation and disenfranchisement of millions of the population by presenting an image of success that in reality is only possible for a minority.

White, educated and connected . List at least five elements that make up Jay Gatsby’s American Dream No particular order: 1. Money 2. Lavish Parties 3. His love for Daisy 4. Self Made Man (Gatsby goes to war, comes back, loses his lover, but works hard and makes a fortune ) 5. Hope.

(The drive for a more hopeful tomorrow check the closing lines of the novel) 4. Daisy is the main one. He does everything in order to get her. Money? He’s involved with illegal mob activity to gain it. His house/social status. He’s never really “in” because he’s “new money” as opposed to “old money. “

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