1-800 by Logic

7 July 2019

First of all , the genres are Pop rap, Conscious rap, and East Coast hip hop rap . This song is tremendously impactful , he touches on a subject , suicide , that many people are sensitive about . Everything related to someone wanting to harm themselves such as , mental health, anxiety,depression, racism, discrimination , and domestic assault. What intrigues someone to listen more is definitely the first hook and verse which is in the perspective of someone calling the suicide hotline. It is well executed and as you get deeper into the song , you may notice how the hook changes, this is because he changes perspectives. He now uses it from the operator’s point of view who is trying to help someone wanting to die. The song is a bit dark but it was something that needed to be covered, I definitely recommend this song. If you know someone struggling , recommend this song. It could save a life. Logic truly wrote a masterpiece, everything from incorporating Alessia Cara and Khalid , to the lyrics , and 25th chorus. Just the way this song is put together is truly special. This song should definitely be at the top of the charts . I give this work of art a 10 out of 10.

1-800 by Logic Essay Example

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