#1 Hits 1980-1984

#1 Hits 1980-1984″

The Eightiesare back and better than ever! Yes, that’s right everyone! Theeighties are back. The title of the compact disc says it all:”#1 Hits 1980-1984.” This 15-track CD contains artists rangingfrom Tina Turner to Men At Work.

This CD willdefinitely bring back memories. It is no surprise it isselling so well. People want to listen to music they arefamiliar with and have grown up with.

I suggest youlisten to the whole disc. Don’t just skip to the songs yourecognize by title. If you listen, I guarantee you will knowat least six songs. Not all of the tracks have lyrics. I knowwhat you’re thinking, no words? I have three words for you:”Chariots of Fire.”

The best part of this CD is thatevery song is a hit. Bands on this album are not only fromAmerica, but Australia and England (including Blondie, who arecurrently featured on the soundtrack to the new movie “200Cigarettes”).

Many of these hit songs are recognizablefrom movies including “Ghostbusters,” “Revenge of the Nerds”and “Chariots of Fire.”

My favorite songs are “BetteDavis Eyes” performed by Kim Carnes and “Down Under,” by MenAt Work. These songs are easy listening with an eighties flarethat make them different from the songs on the radiotoday.

I urge you to buy this amazing CD if you likedthe music of the eighties. The album has a variety, rangingfrom ballads to pop rock. Who knows, you might find yourselfsinging to yourself or some of your friends!

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