13 Wasted years

8 August 2016

To what extent can the period of Conservative dominance between 1951 and 1964 be viewed as ‘Thirteen Wasted Years’? (45 marks) Turn these parts into questions and sub questions – note that you do not need to cover every single sub-point in your plan or final answer. You may decide that there are other sub-points that you wish to use instead and, if relevant, then you can do so. Quotes from historians Introduction: do not need to answer the question

Conclusion: do not repeat what already written – could use quotes from two historians to conclude Try to differentiate between 51-60 and 61-64 in your answer Possible main points Social – race riots, welfare state Political – night of the long knives, profumo Economic – stop go economics, Foreign Policy – EEC, suez, Industry Foreign Policy Living Standards Politics Age of Affluence Failures to modernise Continuation of Labour welfare state Economy compared to foreign economy/EEC Social Political

13 Wasted years Essay Example

Foreign policy Economy – In what ways could this period be regarded as an economic success? Positives and negatives Positives Wages rising Living standards Full employment Ownership of consumer goods Maintaining successful welfare state End of rationing End of austerity, start of age of affluence Negatives – In what ways could this be regarded as a period of missed opportunities? Stop-go economics Inflation Boom and bust Slow growth compared to foreign powers Manipulation of economy to suit electoral cycle

Failure to privatise Reliance on US loans Failed to tackle trade unions – wildcat strikes Political – Why were Labour able to claim that this was 13 wasted years? Night of the Long Knives Profumo affair Home- compare to Wilson Holy Loch Satir 60s Foreign Policy – Question for you to phrase Suez crisis – Britain overreaching itself Unsure of place in the world USA vs Commonwealth vs Europe Europe – economic reasons Should we have loosened ties with USA and Commonwealth sooner to get into Europe? US loans

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