1984 Mind Control Compared To Society Today

9 September 2017

Essay, Research Paper

Renee Brindo-Vas

Period 6 / March 8, 200

AP English

The Normality of Mind Control

Mind control is more common so many people think. Take Television, for

case. Most people won & # 8217 ; t admit that commercials and Television shows act upon them, but

of class they do. People buy autos, peanut butter, and sodium carbonate because of the advertisement

they see in newspapers adds, magazines, and hoardings. Many people don & # 8217 ; t recognize that

the information they receive is chosen by person else. Person else controls how

much information you get about this political dirt and that new cleaning merchandise.

The novel 1984 by George Orwell trades with authorities corruptness and head control.

In this novel, it is the & # 8220 ; party & # 8221 ; that decides what the population of Oceanea believes. By

reading this novel, people are more likely to oppugn their authorities or higher power

and non presume that they are ever in the right. The & # 8220 ; party & # 8221 ; of the fresh 1984 can be

compared to many head commanding facets of the modern universe.

The fresh 1984 is about a society that is built into three different categories of

people: the interior party members, the outer party members, and the investigations. The inner

party members control the information the other categories receive and live in luxury while

the remainder of the population lives a suffering life. This society is built on the thought that a

changeless war will make a lower living criterion and hence leave more nutrient, money,

and amenitiess for the interior party members to stash.

The interior party of Oceanea has so much power of the heads of the people that

they are able to convert them that their memories are false. The interior party is

invariably altering paperss and altering history to their demand as of the minute.

One twenty-four hours they are at war with one state, and another twenty-four hours they are at war with another

state, and that is the manner it has ever been. This may go forth readers to inquire how

much of the history they have been taught is genuinely what happened. The United States

authorities has mo

st decidedly left out information of high school text editions that

wouldn & # 8217 ; t be good for the general people to larn. This does non intend that the United

States authorities is as an utmost illustration as the Inner Party of Oceanea. It merely

agencies that people should maintain an unfastened head and non ever accept everything that is

taught to them.

The people idolize & # 8220 ; Big Brother & # 8221 ; a figure which may ne’er even have existed and

will likely ne’er decease. The chief character of the novel, Winston, is smart plenty to

recognize that the society in which he lives is corrupt. Winston Rebels by falling in love

( matrimonies must be approved and sex is looked upon as work ) . Winston & # 8217 ; s married woman refers to

sex as & # 8220 ; our responsibility to Big Brother. & # 8221 ; In the terminal, after Winston has gone through the existent

physical brainwashing, he has been taught to accept everything he is told and whole

heartedly supports the authorities. In the beginning of the novel, he hates everything

that Big Brother stands for. In the terminal, & # 8220 ; He loved large brother. & # 8221 ; This illustration shows how

much power the authorities has over the heads of the people. They have taken the merriment

and creativeness out of everything conceivable. And so there is the modern universe, which

idolizes the fast lives of film stars and supermodels. Does this intend that everything is

merely a gag, something to believe in for the benefit of others? Of class non, but it does

mean that any intelligent individual could understand that many things that the American

civilization idolizes is merely plain silly.

This novel is an utmost illustration of authorities corruptness and head control. It

does do the reader think that possibly worlds are more fleeceable so they realize. This

is adequate to do one paranoiac. Anyone who comes from a society full of head control

such as the media, cults, packs, manner, and even & # 8220 ; Big Brother & # 8221 ; is apt to believe twice

about the world in which they live after reading 1984. Hopefully, George Orwell novels

about the normalcy of head control has influenced readers and will go on act uponing

readers into believing for themselves.

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