1984- Van Halen by Van Halen

9 September 2019

The band Van Halen consisted of Eddie and Alex Van Halen, Michael Anthony and David Lee Roth. In their album 1984, they had nine songs of which was their number one selling album and had their top selling song Jump. Their guitarist makes something special in each song and yet different from the other. This album was released in 1984, classic rock period. My dad tells me stories of how this band had an impact on him growing up and how much their music was to him. I had an opportunity to go see the band in concert. The song 1984 sounds like a sci-fi movie, no words included yet makes a huge impact for the album. David Lee Roth the lead singer in this time made the music just to be fun and puts a sense of style to the songs. My favorite song on this album would have to be Panama because it’s just a classic song. All their songs consist of talking about girls and just having a great time. In every song there’s a part where it’s just for the guitarist to showcase his talent. The album 1984 showcases what their fans were looking for at the time, and how the band were together. Van Halen’s songs I’ll Wait and Panama were also major hits for this group. All their songs have a hook at the beginning and anthemic lyrics. Their keyboard is specially focused on during this album. The song Hot for Teacher was their crazy song and House of Pain was their darker side for this album. Van Halen is a hard rock band that had such an impact during the 80’s and still does today.

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