1989 By Taylor Swift

10 October 2019

T-Swizzle has done it again. She reinvented herself, her music, and her style. She left behind the ball gowns, cute high school jocks, fairytales, and crying on her guitar for handsome strangers, songs of longing, mistakes, and shaking off the haters. 1989 is a representative of the new Taylor who traded prom dresses and cowboy boots for crop tops, mini skirts, and high heels. This Taylor will leave you dumbstruck and begging for more.
1989 begins with Swift’s third single, “Welcome to New York,” a fist pumping tune that will stick in your head like glue. With a constant drum beat and upbeat lyrics, it will leave you dancing to the song forevermore. “Blank Space” and “Style” follow suit as the second and third tracks to the album. Both are pop gloss tunes with dark lyrics obscured by catchy choruses. With lyrics such as, “Nice to meet you,/Where you been?/I could show you incredible things,” and “You’ve got that James Dean daydream look in your eye,”Swift has successfully left her fans singing these songs in their sleep.
1989 also has its share of songs about longing, lost love, and pain. “Wildest Dreams,” “I Wish You Would,” “This Love,” and “Clean,” are all songs about angst and hope. These few tracks are slow paced, and have Swift crooning about strangers who are “as handsome as hell,” and the guitar’s soft sound complements Swift’s voice, aching with pain. Taylor Swift’s ingenious song lyrics also contribute to the breathtaking tracks. Lyrics such as, “Band-aids don’t fix bulletholes,” and “Say you’ll remember me/ standing in a nice dress,/ staring at the sunset, babe,/ Red lips and rosy cheeks,/ Say you’ll see me again,” leaves the listener’s jaw dropped in shock, as the twenty-four year old has definitely not lost her songwriting ability.
“Out of the Woods,” “Shake It Off,” and “How You Get the Girl,” are bound to be some of the catchiest songs you will hear on the radio. All of the tracks feature memorable lyrics that will leave you dancing around your bedroom and singing in your shower. “Out of the Woods” talks about the fragility of a certain relationship (most likely between Swift and Harry Styles,) and is a representative of 80s pop. “Shake It Off” is high energy and reached number one on the Billboard and iTunes charts. Swift sings to danceable beats as she says, “Baby I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake/ I shake it off, I shake it off.” “How You Get the Girl” begins with a steady beat played by an electric guitar and is a positive song about Swift giving advice to a male who wishes to get his girlfriend back. She sings, “And then you say,/ I want you for worse or for better,/ I would wait forever and ever/ Broke your heart, I’ll put it back together/ And that’s how it works, that’s how you get the girl.” Don’t be astonished if you happen to find yourself singing these three tracks into your hairbrush as you dance around your room!
1989 is a remarkable masterpiece that symbolizes the year Taylor was born, and reflects changes from when she first came into the industry eight years ago. 1989 is the epitome of the new Swift and her new sound and style. Her hit album will leave you gawking, as the twenty-four- year old is oozing with talent. 1989 is Swift’s best album yet- don’t miss out on an amazing listening experience from an artist who is on top of the charts- and will stay there.

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