2000 Election Essay Research Paper I have

9 September 2017

2000 Election Essay, Research Paper

2000 Election Essay Research Paper I have Essay Example

I have selected to compose about the 2000 election and who the two major campaigners are and what their programs and thoughts are for the presidential place. This subject has interested me since the beginning of the New Year. With two footings stoping for President Bill Clinton, the new election has had a batch at interest. At one terminal of the ring there is Vice President, Democrat, Al Gore in the Hunt for the presidential place. The other terminal is Republican, Governor of Texas, George W. Bush following in his male parent s footfalls. No affair the campaigner s party, each of them has many thoughts and programs if they are elected.

Democratic campaigner, Al Gore, is our current frailty president. Gore soon 52 is from Washington, D.C. , and has a great trade of political experience. He has held a place in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1977-85, the U.S. Senate from 1985-93, and has been Vice President since 1993. Gore besides has past military experience functioning in the Army from 1969-71.

When asked about the of import issues confronting the U.S. today such as ; Education, Foreign Policy, Health Care, Social Security and Taxes this is some of Gore s places on each. For instruction he wants to utilize $ 170 billion of budget excesss for an Education Reform Trust Fund that would finance cosmopolitan preschool, enroll high-quality instructors, addition wages of instructors, cut down category size so that there is one instructor for every 20 or fewer pupils, and construct new schools or overhaul existing 1s. Plus, guarantee that there & # 8217 ; s a qualified instructor in every schoolroom. Besides, usage province appraisals and answerability systems to place failing schools and do certain they are improved rapidly and to honor schools that are wining.

In Foreign Policies Gore supports a strong military, but favors the decrease of arms of mass devastation. He besides supports free trade, human rights, favours spread outing NATO, and supports comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Gore besides has a passion with the environment. As a senator he became an expert on planetary heating, the depletion of the ozone bed, the devastation of the rain wood, and new Earth friendly engineering. ( www.infoplease.com/spot/algore.html ) He supports strongly environmental protection.

As for Health Care Gore thinks there should be coverage for every kid by 2005 by spread outing the Children & # 8217 ; s Health Insurance Program ( CHIP ) , which financess province plans with federal money. The program would cover kids in households gaining up to 250 per centum of the poorness degree ( about $ 41,000 for a household of four ) . ( The program presently covers those kids in households that earn up to 200 per centum of the poorness degree. ) Gore & # 8217 ; s program would let households that earn more than the 250 per centum to purchase into CHIP or Medicaid. He would besides let uninsured parents buy into CHIP. Besides allow people between the ages of 55-65 to purchase into Medicare. Gore supports Patients & # 8217 ; Bill of Rights that would vouch patients critical wellness protections and entree to specializers, give patients the ability to appeal determinations by HMOs, and expand patients & # 8217 ; and physicians decision-making functions.

Gore s thoughts about Social Security are giving all Social Security Surpluses to Social Security and debt decrease. Opposes raising retirement age. Would widen solvency of Social Security through 2054 by beef uping Social Security by utilizing long-run involvement nest eggs. Dedicate all Social Security money to the trust fund & # 8220 ; lock box & # 8221 ; that would merely be used to pay benefits to retired persons.

His thought s for revenue enhancements are as follows ; pay off national debt by 2012, dedicate the full Social Security excess to cut downing the national debt and beef uping Social Security, would so use the ensuing involvement nest eggs to beef up the Social Security Trust Fund, would increase the Earned Income Credit net incomes threshold, would utilize the $ 2.17 trillion non-Social Sec

urity excess for $ 480 billion in targeted revenue enhancement cuts ; $ 360 to beef up the Medicare plan ; $ 870 billion in disbursement on domestic plans ; $ 300 billion would be left as a “rainy twenty-four hours fund.”

Choosing Senator Joseph Lieberman as his running mate, Vice President Al Gore has a all right prevarication to walk on. Gore picked Lieberman for his strong moral compass and uprightness. Lieberman has been to the right of Gore on several issues. He portions the frailty presidents positions on the environment, abortion, gun control and civil rights. He besides favors free trade. Lieberman is besides the first Jew on the ticket of a national party. He is an Orthodox Jew, which prevents him from working or siting in vehicles from sundown on Friday to sundown on Sunday.

George W. Bush is the 46th Governor of the State of Texas and the Republican campaigner for President of the United States. Bush, presently 54, has been Governor of Texas since 1995. He was besides a campaigner for U.S. House of Representatives in 1978. His military experience is functioning in the Texas National Guard for 6 old ages.

When asked about the of import issues confronting the U.S. today such as ; Education, Foreign Policy, Health Care, Social Security and Taxes this is some of Bush s places on each. For instruction Bush wants to make a $ 500 million inducement fund to honor provinces for bettering pupil accomplishment. Schools that don & # 8217 ; t better would hold a part of their federal support diverted to rent schools. He wants to give provinces control over criterions and proving. Besides, he wants to make a Charter School Homestead Fund to supply $ 3 billion in loan warrants to assist construct or better 2,000 charter schools.

On the Foreign Policy issue Bush opposes Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, unlike Gore who supports it. He besides supports decrease of arms of mass devastation, like Gore. He favors a missile defence system and supports utilizing force to support U.S. critical involvements in the universe.

Health Care Bush supports giving Medicare receivers freedom to take between federal and private prescription drug benefit programs. He would give provinces freedom to spread out Children & # 8217 ; s Health Insurance Program to cover as many kids as possible, and would give $ 2,000 health-care recognition to households that don & # 8217 ; t measure up for Medicaid and are non covered by private programs. Persons would have $ 1,000 recognition.

On Social Security he wants to merely wish Gore, give all Social Security money to the trust fund & # 8220 ; lock box & # 8221 ; that would merely be used to pay benefits to retired persons. He opposes any revenue enhancement addition for Social Security and opposes authorities investing of Social Security in private stocks or bonds. Supported riddance of Social Security net incomes bound.

His thoughts on Taxs are to increase one-year part bound on tax-advantaged Educational Savings Accounts from $ 500 to $ 5,000, and expand their range to beyond college and down to kindergarten. He would wish to extinguish the decease revenue enhancement, and the national debt by 2016. Besides like Gore, Bush would utilize the $ 2.17 trillion non-Social Security excess for a $ 1.3 trillion revenue enhancement cut ; $ 475 billion in disbursement on domestic plans ; and $ 265 billion in a & # 8220 ; showery twenty-four hours fund. & # 8221 ;

George W. Bush selected Richard B. Cheney as his running mate. Three months ago, Bush plucked Cheney from his station as CEO of Halliburton Co. , a Texas building and technology outfit that services oil companies, to head the frailty presidential choice commission. ( www.infoplease.com/spot/cheney1.html ) Cheney s experience and his personal ties with the Bush household made him the favourite.

The United States will be voting for president within a few hebdomads, the arguments and pre-polls have varied really much over the last few months. Each campaigner has been in the lead so out of the lead, it will be a close race until the terminal. Bush and Gore have some thoughts that are the same, but most are different.

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