21 by Adele by Adele

9 September 2019

I don’t know if anyone with ears has not had the privilege to hear an Adele song within the past year or so. If you have not, you might want to find a new place to live. I can’t imagine the underside of a rock makes for a comfortable residence. For those of you who live with the rest of us, you are probably very familiar with “Rolling in the Deep”, “Someone Like You”, “Set Fire to the Rain”, and “Rumour Has It” since those have been played 95 times a day on the radio at one point or another. But I am here to tell you that once you listen to the rest of the album “21”, you too will come to the conclusion that Adele Adkins is probably one of the most talented musicians of all time.

Now a lot of you are probably saying to yourselves, “Well yeah, she’s good but I don’t know about–” No. She is that good. Her rich, powerful voice would ooze the emotion that it does if she were singing about cats. Unfortunately the subject of cats is not breached once by the singer. Yet. No, every song on the album 21 is about love/relationships. Not kidding. Every single one. But thank goodness someone broke her heart or the world would not have been graced with one of the best albums released in an age where people like Lil Wayne and Katy Perry are considered “artists” (I’m sorry. They’re awful).

“I Found a Boy” and “Lovesong” are a few of my current favorites and are not commonly heard of the radio, so look them up immediately! The poetry of the lyrics is made all the more poignant by the melancholy of the melody, a mood that is fairly constant throughout almost the whole album. There are a few more upbeat tunes as well, such as “I’ll Be Waiting”. But no matter what the tone of the song, Adele conveys it flawlessly with one of the most fiercely moving voices I have heard in a long time.

I would be more inclined to believe that the apocalypse is imminent than to buy that you did not like this album. And if you don’t you’re probably not human, so you don’t count.

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