21st Century Breakdown by Green Day

10 October 2019

Here it goes making my first review of a CD.What a better way to start it off than with Green Day’s newish CD 21st Century Breakdown.

1. Song of the Century: 9.5/10 because it is short although the lyrics are actually pretty good.

2. 21st Century Breakdown: 8.5/10 because it should be written as a mulitpart song but it’s condensed into one 5 minute song

3. Know your Enemy 7.5/10 because it has a catchy beat but MTV played the music video ad nauseum

4. Viva la Gloria! 6/10 I really do not like this song because it has a slowish beat and it is about a girl named Gloria not Spanish for “live the glory”

5. Before the Lobotomy 6.5/10 not the best song on the planet but it has to do with messing up someones brain.

6.Christians Inferno 7.5/10 My vote for “most likely to get stuck in your head”

7. Last Night on Earth 5.5/10 Only because it’s a slowish love ballad and I don’t really like those

8.East Jesus Nowhere 8.5/10 good song and it’s the only song about religion that’s proreligion

9.Peacemaker 10/10 The best song version of Romeo and Juliet ever!

10. Last of the American Girls 8.5/10 This song has nothing to do with the dolls but is this CDs Extraordinary Girl

11. Murder City 9/10 This song has the faded intro like Boulivard of Broken Dreams and it is a pretty good song

12. Viva la Gloria? (Little Girl) 10/10 One of the best songs on the CD because of the line “Little girl, Little Girl you dirty liar.Your just a junkie preaching to the choir”

13. Restless Heart Syndrome 5.5/10 another love ballad

14. Horseshoes and Handgrenades 10/10 a great song which is the old saying “almost only counts in horseshoes and handgrenades” the only issue is the mass swearing in this song.

15. 21 Guns 10/10 You probably heard this song too “one twenty one guns lay down your arms give up the fight” a great song even though it is played ad nausium.The music video is horrific because it is about a guy and a girl being shot at by police and they decide to makeout (perfect timing).

16.The Static Age 8.5/10 Its a catchy tune but it’s not great lyrics

17. American Eulagy 10/10 The best song on this CD.Its multipart like Jesus of Suburbia and Homecoming and starts like Song of the Century.

18.See the Light 8.5/10 it sounds like the singers bucket list put to music (I drank the water from a hurricane and I set a fire just to see the flame)

Green Day comes back with a truely awesome CD although it probably won’t win any Grammys.

Overall 8.5/10

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