21st Century: The Century of New Technologies Essay Sample

7 July 2017

If you could make anything that would positively profit society. what would it be and why? Please elaborate. The 20 first century is called “The century of new technologies” . The ground for this is that every individual twenty-four hours the greatest encephalons of the planet are making new thoughts or engineerings. which are determined to ease the life of the humanity. It is believed that in order to set up the new thoughts. an single must possess a broad phantasy that arises by reading the newspapers. magazines or watching the scientific Television channels like “Discovery” channel. These yearss cars are being one of the most important problem-causers. This is chiefly caused by the fumes gases they emit. Therefore. the automotive industry is switching to bring forth intercrossed autos cars going on the cheap. harmless and omnipresent energy – that is the electrical 1. and looking like the ordinary autos. As a consequence. today. the Nipponese loanblends have become the world’s top merchandising intercrossed autos. This type of autos has got plentifulness of advantages such as being inexpensive and harmless to the environment. and holding beautiful expressions.

Since the traffic job is going more and more critical. it represents a serious challenge non merely to the governments in charge of metropolis substructure direction. but besides to applied scientists every bit good. Every forenoon I face the issue of rush-hour when my pa drives me to the Lyceum. Plenty of autos. coachs. ropewaies infinitely move back and Forth. doing nervous drivers. riders. and walkers. Once. sitting in a auto on the manner to the Lyceum an thought came to my head that making the autos. sizes of which can be controlled by the driver would be a sound part into decreasing the traffic length and maintain the pureness of the air at one time. Furthermore. these hybrids’ size can besides be expanded so as to go through through the snowy mountains. taiga. etc. ; this can be really utile when a household is driving on a long journey. In add-on. I feel that it is clip to develop autos run by the solar or weave energy farther. since they can be even more good than the loanblends due to the fact that many parts of the universe have about changeless entree to the Sun. and there are some parts of the universe which would profit from utilizing the autos on air current energy instead than the solar 1.

21st Century: The Century of New Technologies Essay Sample Essay Example

Besides the fact that this type of autos is efficient. it is besides ecologically pure. i. e. does non damage our planet. In decision. I do believe that my thoughts will do at least a small part to the technological development of the humanity. with the overall purpose oriented towards profiting the society. provided that they are implemented into pattern. It goes without stating that in prosecuting this purpose possessing of sound cognition in technology is of critical importance. Furthermore. analyzing at Nagoya University. I can obtain a great trade of cognition towards the development of car industry of the universe. peculiarly. of Uzbekistan.

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