3 Reasons Why I Chose Tarc University College

10 October 2016

I finished my secondary study, and I get a good and satisfactory result in SPM. I didn’t went to any education fair ,because I already decided my further study place ,it is TAR University College. The reasons why I chose TAR University College is because there have many facilities, like gymnasium room ,swimming pool ,tennis court and etc, we are not just study at here ,we also can do exercise during the class break.

Student who have energetic and intelligent are the excellent student , because they study well and also good in sports. So student in TARUC got healthy body and wealthy in knowledge. Secondly, TAR University College have low school fees, because TARUC is supported by government, so student no need carries so many burden. Other than that TARUC also provided student loan and PTPTN loan. All this loan can help those students have finance problem , so they can continue their studies and have a brighter future.

TAR University College also provided many courses ,example diploma in multimedia design , business study , sport science and many other. Next , transportation to go to TARUC is not a problem, because we can easily go to , TAR University College with public transports ,like buses ,cab ,LRT . TAR University College also provided bus service to all student . All of the public transport are straightly send u to the front gate of the college, it is a way can kill two bird with one stone.

We can reach college easily , safety , and we can save our environment from air pollution ,and sound pollution, people who taking public transport can decrease the cars quantity on the road . lastly , im proud to be a TAR University College student ,because the lecturers and tutors are nice , and im so lucky I become the class represent in my class . I will fight for my brighter future.

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