30 Seconds to Mars

30 seconds to mars

The music on this c.d. is awesome! It has a little bit of screaming but it’s still really cool! (and loud) This is the first c.d. of theirs that I bought. I bought “Beautiful Lie”. *one of the best songs on there* Another song that I cannot get enough of is “The Kill”. I absolutely love the way that it starts out kinda soft and mello. Then at the chorus they totally break out.

I also love “Beautiful Lie” I love listening to the piano in there. I love the guitars and the drums as well. The lyrics are awesome too!! But I’d have to say my top 3 Favorite songs on there are “The Kill”, “Beautiful Lie”, and “A Modern Myth”. So if you haven’t heard their songs yet, I would love to suggest for you to listen to it sometime!!!

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