30 Seconds to Mars

Most teenagers today get overwhelmed with the chaos of this world and long for an escape. Some turn to drugs, some to alcohol. 30 Seconds to Mars can give them the escape they need; their music is just as addictive as cigarettes, without the safety hazard. So go ahead, let them overdose their music, for escape is just 30 seconds away. They more than anyone deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

30 Seconds to Mars has four members in there band: Jared Leto (vocals and guitar), Shannon Leto (drums), Tomo Milicevic (guitar), and Matt Wachter (keyboard and bass). The band started out as a small family project between Jared and Shannon in 1998, but when Matt Wachter joined the band, things began to speed up quickly. After a small revolving door of guitarists, the three auditioned Tomo Milicevic, a man from Yugoslavia, to round out the band’s roster.

The name 30 Seconds to Mars came from a thesis that was written by a former Harvard professor. One of the subsections of the thesis was titled “Thirty Seconds to Mars” and goes on to talk about the exponential growth of technology that relates to humans and says that we are quite literally thirty seconds to mars. The band thought that this is exactly how to describe their music.

Lead singer and guitarist, Jared Leto, is no stranger to winning, in addition to an amazing rock band, he has acted in over fifteen acclaimed films, like “Requiem for a Dream”, “Panic Room”, “Fight Club”, “American Psycho” and “Alexander”. And the fact that many gited actors have pumped out some pretty awful albums, hasn’t slowed him down at all.

Although Jared is a Hollywood actor, he originally preferred not to use this information to promote the band; in fact, the band used to refuse to play at venues tat used his fame to promote shows.

The band’s phoenix logo (which the band named “Mirtha”) bears the Latin phrase “Provehito in Altum” which translated, means “Launch Forth into the Deep”. The logo was mostly used for promotion of the band’s debut, whereas in their second album “A Beautiful Lie” the new Trinity logo was created consisting of three skulls, along with the band’s name and motto.

30 Seconds to Mars’ first album, was self titled, and was released in 2002 by Bob Erzin to mixed reviews and achieved sales of just over 100,000. Pretty good eh? The band’s second album, “A Beautiful Lie” was released in 2005. The band traveled to four different continents, including five different countries to perfect their sound, as well as to allow Jared’s film career to come into play.

This band has inspired and changed the life of many, given them hope of the good times yet to come. 30 Seconds to Mars is the beacon to thousands of teenagers in the dark of this troubled world, and does indeed, give them the relief they need to go on each day. Please consider putting them in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, your collection would be utterly obsolete without them.

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