1 January 2020

The five-man band named 311 just released their self-titled album, which is topping the charts with their two recently released singles, “Down” and “All Mixed Up.” These are a great example of the band’s many-sided talents. 311 employs a wide array of styles that complement each other, resulting in a new, unique, and almost irresistible vibe. Many styles contribute to this including reggae, rap, alternative rock, hard-core, and an almost acapella singing in some songs. The songs “Down”‘ and “Hive” are two examples of the band’s hardcore, rap, and alternative rock backgrounds intertwined into one unique style. These two songs are similar because they both have a heavy guitar and bass, as well as loud drums keeping the rhythm. (This trend applies to many songs on the album.) They also have a similar singing style, which sounds like a mixture of Rage Against The Machine, Full Contact, and some West Coast rap, all bound up into the smooth croon of Nick Hexum and Martinez. These songs get you pumped up for a game. Anyone who likes hard-core, alternative, and rap music will definitely love songs of this CD. The recently released song “ALL Mixed Up” and “Sweet” both fall into a second category. They bind together the styles of reggae, rap, and alternative rock allowing in lighter, yet still rockin’ songs. These types of songs introduced me to a new musical experience. These songs are great for parties, driving in the car, or just chillin’ at home. Rockers and non-rockers alike will enjoy this style. Although the songs do get a bit annoying if listened to a lot, they are still very catchy and add to the depth of 311’s musical groove. The unique mixture of musical styles and wide array of songs adds to what makes them such a great new group. Instead of sticking to one type of style, 311 has a fresh sound to every song. Any type of music listener will appreciate some aspect of 311’s unique style, and almost any alternative rocker would want to add this album to their CD collection

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