Challenges in Interpersonal Relationship

8 August 2016

On one hand it is communication but not effective communication. Effective Interpersonal communication requires effective listening, empathetic listening, and being able to get your personal feelings out of the way. According to Kathy Sole, in order for you to be an effective communicator you must first learn how to decode and encode effectively. An encoder is a sender of the message that is transmitted to the other person. The sender must encode the message properly so the receiver can fully explain the message.

The receiver of the message must then decode message and hopefully decode it properly so the message would be fully understandable (Sole, 2011). Challenges In Interpersonal Relatgionship Class 101 DEVELOP STRATEGIES FOR ACTIVE, CRITICAL, AND EMPATHETIC LISTENING Empathic listening is a way of listening to another person which involves understanding and much trust. You must be able to understand what the other party is feeling and what they are mentally, physically or emotionally going through.

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The material from this class will be taken from articles and guidelines wrote by Richard Salem, EMPATHIC LISTENING. You can download much of his information off the internet. According to Mr. Salem, there are many benefits to empathic listening such as, “builds trust and respect; enables the disputants to release their emotions; reduces tensions; encourages the surfacing of information, and creates a safe environment that is conducive to collaborative problem solving” ( Salem, 2003).

This part of the class is my favorite and much of the information will be personal information gathered from the students in the class including myself. In this part of the class we will continue on learning how to become effective listeners and being empathetic as well as choosing the right terminology to use. WORDS can kill a person’s trust, their ego, self-esteem, love, and ultimately themselves.

This part of the class will teach us how to choose our wording whether you are engaging in a conversation with a friend or in a heated argument with your spouse or mate. Challenges In Interpersonal Relationship Class 101 DEFINE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND ITS ROLE IN EFFECTIVE INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself and of others. Once you have mastered how to control your emotions, having disagreements will become somewhat easier to handle. Much of our information will come from Managing With Emotional Intelligence by B. Porter. Porter stated in his article, “Developing effective interpersonal relationships is critical to successful organizational management Managers can employ emotional intelligence (EI) to build trust among employees, to effectively handle crises, and to produce an efficient team-oriented work environment EI is defined as being able to recognize and regulate emotions in ourselves and others” (Porter, B. , 2010). Porter’s article is directed more on interpersonal relationship in management, but it also can be implemented in our everyday life with our spouse and family.

This article has some great ideas and strategies. DESCRIBE STRATEGIES FOR MANAGING INTERPERSONAL CONFLICTS This section of the class we will learn how to manage conflicts in a healthy manner. If conflict is handled poorly, it creates secondary problems that will also go unmanaged and before you know it, you have several conflicts on hand as stated by R. G. Stockwell in his article Effective Communication in Managing Conflict (1997). UNDERSTAND THE IMPACT OF GENDER AND CULTURE ON INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATIONS Challenges In Interpersonal Relationship

Class 101 During the segment of the class we will talk about the difference in gender and their behavior. Men and women are totally different in many ways. Once we understand how the other thinks, why they react as they do, and understand their cultural environment which they have lived we will be more at apt to understand our mate more fully. Jace and Kelli you can see we much to offer in this class. I’m very excited in having you join me as we venture out together in Interpersonal Relationships.

If you follow the guidelines I guarantee a healthier relationship between the both of you now and in the future when you marry. A healthy relationship is a happy relationship. Once you know how to communicate and listen effectively, become an empathetic partner your relationship will blossom. I’m looking forward with meeting with the both of you. Sincerely, Laura Lyles References Porter, B. , (2010). Managing with emotional intelligence. Library Leadership & Management (online), 24, 199-201.

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