3G network ‘Oman’

6 June 2017

Recently telecommunication companies have grown up in Oman, they developed over years because people realised that communication is very important and the world will be more integrated. Hence, many companies that providing telecommunication services have been existing in Oman to make the world easier. Oman Telecommunication Company “Omantel” is the first Omani company in the telecommunication field. In addition, it considered as the main Internet provider in Oman, since April 2008 Omantel shares owned by the government of Oman and the WorldCall of Pakistan.

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3G network ‘Oman’
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Oman Mobile is a subsidiary of Omantel, it provides a mobile phone service such as SMS, voice message and BlackBerry service. Moreover, In 2005 Qatar Telecommunication company granted a license to lunch a second mobile service in Oman under the brand name ‘Nawras’. In a recent time, Oman has many mobile companies which offer internet in a high speed and good quality for instance: Omantel, Nawras, Renna, Friend’, and samatel. All of the telecommunication companies in Oman and in Gulf aim to increase the profit by boosting up the ubscriber numbers; the services which provided must be up to standard in order to satisfy the customers.

The statistic indicates that there is a huge increase in telecommunication consumption after the 36 network has been provided, 3G stands for third Generation of mobile telecommunications technology. 36 network offers a wider range and more advance services for users, it supports services that provide data at transfer rate of 200 kbit/s at least so this improves a phone call sounds and offers a fast browsing more than other networks. Omantel and Nawras lunched 3G etwork in 2008 and 4G (LTE) network in 2013, it aimed to increase the customer numbers by subscribing in the available packages, so the profit will be increased.

These companies thought that by adopting the 36 & 4G network, many people will subscribe in the packages in order to communicate by using social network programmes like whatsapp, facebook, instgram and viber. The situation: Reality, most of the people registered in different telecommunication companies’ packages but they did not expect that many voice programmes will be existed; these pplications offer a voice or video call to any country in the world. People no longer are calling other by credit they are using these voice call applications to interact with each other any time in everywhere.

In addition, the telecommunication companies failed and lost lots of its profit because few people who are using credit to call or text others. Oman telecommunication companies try to stop the huge failing in its profit but this phenomenon cannot be stopped because most of people now depend on these voice call applications which are updating by days. Therefore, these companies try to minimise the lost by providing offers on international calls, decrease the call rate (minutes price) and block some voice call applications.

However, this does not help to prevent people for using these voice call applications and buy VPN (virtual private network) which extends a private network across a public network. Reasons of failure: Oman telecommunication companies were not educated enough to predict that technology keeps improving (as chats applications are available many voice nd the limited vision of Oman telecommunication companies led to choose the wrong strategy.

The prescriptive strategy was chosen and applied by Oman telecommunication companies; the main characteristics of this strategy are: it is long term plan strategy and future is assumed to be predictable. However, business known as uncertain and the chosen plan should be designed according to the environment and the available resources. Therefore, this strategy is not effective specially when technology is continually updating and improving by days.

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