3rd Grade – Constitution Trivia

Number of delegates who signed the constitution on September 17, 1787
First person to sign the Constitution
George Washington
First state to approve the Constitution
Number of amendments the Constitution has
Number of amendments in the Bill of Rights
Date the Constitution was signed
September 17, 1787
Where the Constitutional Convention was held
Philadelphia, PA
Date the Constitutional Convention began
May 25, 1787
Leader of the Constitutional Convention
George Washington
Took notes during the Constitutional Convention
James Madison
Father of the Constitution
James Madison
Year the Bill of Rights was adopted
State NOT represented at Constitution Convention
Rhode Island
Person too weak to sign the Constitution and had to be carried
Benjamin Franklin
The two parts of the Legislative Branch
Senate and House of Representatives
A formal change to the Constitution
An amendment
The highest law of the land
The Constitution
The group of men who met and wrote the Constitution
Branch of government which makes the laws
Branch of government which includes the office of President and Vice-President
Branch of government which includes judges and courts
Where the Constitution is currently located
The National Archives Building in Washington, D.C.
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