4ps Analysis Bmw

1 January 2017

BMW pricing strategy is a competitive orientated strategy. Depending on the different models, for example the BMW 3series would be in the same price range as the Audi, VW, and Alfa Romeo. The bigger cars would be competitive with Mercedes, etc. This is because research shows the car industry is large and production costs are not as important. Creating the largest profit is not as necessary as it would be for a smaller company. Place/distribution

BMW use superior market dealerships and imports for non dealer networked countries. They have four manufacturing plants in the UK and more than 156 dealers in the UK who are franchised to sell BMW cars and additional 148 dealers are franchised to sell minis. Worldwide BMW operates in over 100 countries worldwide, 4000plus dealers. Promotion: BMW has been using the same advertising company since 1979, WRS has looked after BMWs broad range of advertising. The Agency uses television for branding campaigns and new car launches, outdoor campaigns.

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BMW has an association with James Bond films. BMW films, viral marketing Brand/sloagans

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