5 Day School Week

4 April 2017

Is 4 really better than 5? Did you know that over 100 schools in 17 states in the USA already changed the school regime to a 4 day school week instead of 5? But was that really a wise decision to make? Many other schools all around the world are discussing this issue if they should change the school week to simply 4 days. Education is extremely important but the important question is; what school regime is better? The idea of changing the 5 day school week to a 4 day school week at first looks very attractive to both students and teachers.

You would think that with a 3 day weekend in which both students and teachers could rest out properly and arrive to school prepared and ready for the next week would be better than a 2 day weekend, would it? Children need to develop their social skills and physical skills which can all be done with after school activities but is it feasible with the 4 day school week? The answer is no, as attractive as the 4 day school week seems, it won’t bring any positive aspects.

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With a longer weekend there will be longer school days, shorter breaks and more classes per week.

Since there will be less time and just as many subjects some fun activities and subjects will get cut such as – school trips, art, music, physical education and drama which are also vital skills that need to be learnt during school hours. Getting set piles of homework over the 3 day weekend which was meant to be relaxing and soothing, Due to less school days and hours there will be shorter holidays in which will probably also be full of homework. Students will get too little sleep and constantly be tired and may not have time to properly eat or get an eating disorder.

But that also counts for the teachers; they will have to plan so many lessons and will be spending all their days marking all of the homework which had to be caught up on due to the 4 day school week. Where as the 5 day school week does sound longer but it has its advantages, with going to school for 5 days a week, you go to school later, and come out earlier, without the school having to cut out all of the β€˜fun’ and yet educative subjects and school trips because of too little time for other subjects. Could it really be that you can get the same or even higher ducation than a 4 day school week with doing less homework, longer holidays, longer breaker, shorter days and not feeling as exhausted and tired after each day? A 5 day school week grants teachers the time to properly explain everything to their pupils, for them to understand everything better and for the students not to be so stressed because of that missing day all the expected work for that day will be set as homework over the weekend. With having more free time students could join sport clubs and develop socially and physically which is just as important as any other subject that could be taught at school.

So what school regime do you think is better? Personally, as attractive as an extra weekend day sounds, if you think about a bit more you will realize that it only leaves you with longer and more exhausting days, shorter breaks & holidays, an over load of homework for the missing day and stress all year long

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