5 seconds of summer by 5 seconds of summer

9 September 2019

5 seconds of summer
In Australia 2011 the band 5sos wascreated the rock band contains 4 Australian boys lead singer Luke Hemming’s is 18 , calum hood is 19 and plays base, Ashton Irwin is 20 drummer , Michael Clifford is 19 and guitarist.
They were discovered on YouTube and with all the views the famous band one direction discovered the band, and they toured together they were signed to capital records. Now they are working on an album most of their and fans are girls they are currently touring the world I believe they will perform in Texas Aug. 7th 2015. Their hit that they are mostly known for is she look so perfect which to means that know matter what you look like your beautiful to somebody and to love yourself.
They have impacted many people’s lives by their music they have lots of respect by their fans. Their other songs are heartbreak girl, try hard, voodoo doll, good girl, and amnesia they love to give back to their fans. Were they write their own songs which means they come from the heart.
What inspiration 5sosis bands like blink-182 and nirvana late 90’s music bands in their hometown boy bands were not very common so they weren’t very popular their overall their music make people feel good and they just wasn’t to make people happy.

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