5 Seconds Of Summer

8 August 2019

There are many good albums and many good bands but ‘5 Seconds of Summer’ is by far the most fun and most amazing.

These 4 amazing boys released their album on July 22nd, 2014. The 4 amazingly hot boys whom have composed this album are Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford; the ages of the boys are 18 and 20. Luke, Michael, and Calum are 18, Ashton is 20. All 4 of the boys are from Sydney, Australia. These 4 boys came together on December 3rd, 2011. This awesome album was produced by Capital Records at Capital Records studio in L.A, CA. The estimate time worked on this album is from about January 2014 to June 2014.

5 Seconds Of Summer Essay Example

The two best and strongest songs on this album are ‘Amnesia’ and ‘Good Girls’. The overall quality on ‘Amnesia’ is wonderful. The lyrics to the song are very relatable; they are also very sweet and sad. How the pace, style, tempo, and beat of the song fits perfectly, it makes the song amazing. I absolutely love how both come together in an amazing music video that really shows the fun, cuteness, and sweetness of the boys. The overall quality of ‘Good Girls’ is also wonderful and fun filled. The lyrics to the song are so adorable and fun. The pace, style, tempo, and beat of the song complements the song and lyrics very well. The way the video also complements the song very well, adding the fun and cuteness also adds to the amazing quality of ‘Good Girls’.

Now for some things I did and did not like about this album. Things I like about this album are the boys only use one profanity. I love the style of music and how it all goes together. I’m in love with the lyrics of the songs, they truly are amazing. The balance of vocals, bass, guitar, and drums is very balanced and complement this album very well. Now for things I didn’t like so much, or wish there were more of. I wish there was more individual signing to show the talent of the boys a bit more. I also wish there was more slow songs, I feel like slow songs really help bring out a spark in the album and band.

Overall this album is amazing. The kind of album where you want to get up and dace, sing your heart out, and play air guitar.

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