.5 The Grey Chapter by Slipknot

11 November 2019

If you know anything about me then you know I love Slipknot, they are my favorite band of all time. Earlier last year Slipknot released their fifth album .5 The Grey Chapter and it had some really good songs such as, The Devil in I, Skeptic, The One That kills The Least, and Killpop. The best part of this album is that it has really heavy songs like The Devil in I and Skeptic, but it also has softer songs like If Rain is What You Want and Goodbye.

This album has something for everyone. In conclusion i love the album .5 The Grey Chapter and maybe some non metal fans may like it too. If you’re into bands like Slayer, Motionless in White, and Rob Zombie then you’ll love Devil in I. But maybe you’re a fan of emo type music like Black Veil Brides and Pierce the Veil then you’ll like Goodbye and Killpop.

This is one of their best album, but in my opinion not the best. My personal favorite one is Antennas to Hell because it has some of my favorite songs that i’ve known by Slipknot like Before I Forget, Psychosocial, My Plague, and my personal favorite one People=S***. The main reason that Antennas of Hell is better than .5 The Grey Chapter is because it’s like a best of album from before .5 The Grey Chapter came out. In fact it was the album before .5 The Grey Chapter.

Those are my thoughts on .5 The Grey Chapter. It is a great album from a great band, and i highly recommend it to any metal, rock, or alternative fans.

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