5 Ways Technology Can Be Used Essay Sample

7 July 2017

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5 Ways Technology Can Be Used Essay Sample
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Newer engineerings have overcome some of the restraints of traditional agreements. In add-on to traditional interactions with schoolroom instructors. scholars now have the possibility of deriving information from many other beginnings. For illustration. they may have Web-based direction from a instructor located 100s of stat mis off from the scholar. Although scholars can go on to have this direction in a traditional schoolroom scene. it is no longer necessary. The technological capableness is available for the information to be delivered to scholars at place or in legion other scenes ( p290 ) Expanding Course Offers

Schools in many parts of the state today use modern communicating engineerings to convey direction to scholars that. in anterior old ages. could non be delivered. For illustration. electronic picture and audio connexions make it possible for classs in such specialised topics as advanced concretion to be delivered to scholars go toing little schools where such topics are non available. Individual little schools frequently can non supply categories in forte countries that would pull merely little Numberss of enrollees. Today. an teacher from a individual location can function many scholars in stray locations by electronically associating them together utilizing modern picture and audio engineerings. One discrepancy of electronically based distance larning characteristics complete classs that are offered over the World Wide Web. In many designs of this type. scholars may “log on” to the classs they are taking whenever they are free to make so. In add-on to advancing broad geographic scattering of direction. Web-based classs allow scholars to make assignments at times that are convenient for them. In some topographic points. scholars take Web-based classs after normal school hours. ( p293 ) Imitating Real-Life Experiences

Simulations have been used in school schoolrooms for many old ages. You have participated in illustrations during your ain old ages as a public-school scholar. Simulations give immature people chances for larning experiences that allow them to see world in ways that provide quite a believable semblance of a real-life experience. Learners make determinations that have effects. but the fake environment ever acts to continue their personal safety. Simulations besides provide chances for instructors to let scholars to vicariously experience conditions experienced by people in past times. New digital engineerings have greatly expanded the scope of simulations available for usage by public-school scholars. This scope in complexness from comparatively simple game-like experiences that are presented to scholars on computing machine discs to enormously ambitious. multiple-day experiences that may necessitate usage of Web sites. CD-ROMs. DVDs. telecastings. electronic mail. and other engineerings. Simulations supported by digital engineering are now available for virtually all capable countries. Some technology-based simulations are inordinately sophisticated. For illustration. the Quest Channel. a subscription service. makes available to subscribing school territories and instructors complex “explorations” that link multiple schools and scholars with a squad of persons who go to interesting universe topographic points in hunt of replies to challenging inquiries.

Participating scholars use the Web and e-mail to execute background work. to interchange information with “experts” and with other immature people ( in their ain school and in other take parting schools ) . and to see video images provided by the field squad. These simulations besides provide ways for involved instructors to pass on electronically and portion information about scholar advancement on other issues. During the autumn of 2002. the focal point was on Christopher Columbus. and scholars were involved in such activities as comparing historical histories of Columbus’s ocean trips with observations of the field squad. analyzing the history of geographic expedition and pilotage. larning about cultural groups of the Caribbean. and reading studies in both Spanish and English. Complex simulations. such as those provided by the Quest Channel. high spot another advantage of technology-supported simulations. They provide a cost-efficient manner for scholars to prosecute interesting and motivative content. Few. if any. public schools could afford to direct an full category on a trip retroflexing Columbus’s path to the New World. Many can happen the money to back up a Quest Channel subscription that will let immature people to take part on a extremely prosecuting simulated version of the journey. ( p294-295 ) Helping Learners with Particular Problems

Assorted engineerings have long been used to supply aid to scholars who have features that can interfere with their ability to larn. For illustration. for many old ages devices called braillers or braille-writers that allow users to take notes and bring forth other prose stuffs in Braille have been available to scholars with terrible ocular restrictions. Learners who are non adept readers sometimes have had entree to audio recordings of of import subdivisions of class texts. In some topographic points. enrichment experiences have been provided to bright immature people through videocassettes and particular computing machine package available for look intoing out and working with at place. Until late. pedagogues have followed this general sequence in placing support engineerings to utilize: ( 1 ) the general demands of the bing course of study were examined to place possible jobs that certain classs of scholars might confront. and ( 2 ) engineerings were identified that might let those scholars to interact with plan stuffs and net income from them. In other words. the bing course of study was considered as a “given. ” and engineering was used to suit specific scholar features to it.

This attack places heavy demands on instructors. For illustration. in your category you might hold scholars with conditions necessitating you to utilize a assortment of engineerings in your attempts to assist them larn. One scholar might hold a physical status that prevents any motion of weaponries or legs. Computer-based reading stuff would assist this individual. but you would necessitate to develop a system that would let screen alterations to be made by striking a saloon with the mentum. Another individual with really limited vision may necessitate a computing machine with enormously oversized keys that will “speak” when they are pressed. Other scholars may hold extra demands to which you must react. Although engineerings are available to help these scholars. the procedure of accessing needed equipment. doing certain that it is being used in ways that relate to the adopted course of study. and familiarising scholars with usage of new equipment can be frustrating and time-consuming. ( p265-296 )

Protecting Learners
Digital-communication engineerings such as those back uping e-mail and the World Wide Web make it possible for information from about illimitable Numberss of beginnings to be directed to computing machines that are linked to the Internet. If you use e-mail. you likely are familiar with the job of covering with big Numberss of unasked messages. many of them coming from persons and houses forcing doubtful fiscal strategies. promoting you to take part in on-line gaming. or beging your involvement in sites that characteristic adult stuff. When you use the Web pages. you view may have pop-up ads directing your attending to sites that. in some instances. may non be suited for scholars. Surely. any hunt engine can rapidly place tonss of sites with content that many parents and defenders consider unsuitable for immature people. In add-on. many online chat suites feature exchanges of lewdnesss and treatments of subjects that responsible grownups consider inappropriate for school-age scholars. In add-on to concerns about learners’ entree to inappropriate stuff. school leaders besides fear that some scholars may utilize Internet-linked computing machines illicitly or unethically ( Baines. 2007 ) .

As a instructor. for illustration. you do non desire members of your category to go against right of first publication Torahs nor to happen accomplished term documents that they can copy and subject as their ain work. Professional pedagogues besides sometimes worry that older scholars will utilize taxpayer-supported electronic equipment and webs to prosecute in concern minutess. for illustration. through the usage of Web-based auction sites. In response to concerns about possible abuse of digital-communication engineering. schools around the state have worked hard in recent old ages to develop acceptable-use policies ( AUPs ) . Such policies typically make clear differentiations between acceptable and unacceptable scholar utilizations of engineering. Often. excessively. they contain information about countenances that will be applied to scholars who fail to follow established acceptable-use guidelines. These guidelines frequently differ harmonizing to variables including ( 1 ) whether scholars have completed a category in computing machine duty. ( 2 ) learners’ class degrees. and ( 3 ) whether online work is being done as portion of a category assignment. Many lists of unacceptable utilizations include ( 1 ) engagement in confab suites. ( 2 ) sending and having personal electronic mail ( unless this is portion of an assigned category activity ) . and ( 3 ) posting personal Web pages ( unless this is portion of an assigned category activity ) . AUPs frequently include lists of the sorts of Web sites scholars are out to see utilizing school computing machines with Internet connexions. Typical illustrations include Web sites that •promote force or illegal behaviour.

•feature sexually expressed information.
•provide entry to chew the fat suites.
•sell term documents.
•allow for copyright violation or plagiarism. and
•permit users to prosecute in commercial minutess ( National Education Association. 1998 ) In a study titled The Digital Disconnect: The Widening Gap Between Internet-Savvy Students and Their Schools. research workers Douglas Levin and Sousan Arafeh ( 2002 ) study that over three-fourthss of immature people between the ages of 12 and 17 go online. Thirty per centum to forty per centum of adolescents fall into a technologically savvy class of elect Internet users. The Numberss of immature people in this group are turning. These sophisticated users on a regular basis go to the Internet to make school-related work. including locating resources. downloading beginning stuffs. join forcesing with other category members. and hive awaying documents and notes. Many pupils in this group express defeat with school policies that are designed to make the followers: •Limit their entree to the Internet to specific clip periods during the school twenty-four hours. •Limit their entree to the Internet to merely a few school computing machines located in peculiar suites ( frequently a computing machine research lab ) . •Impose content filters that are so restrictive that many legitimate information beginnings can non be accessed from school-based computing machines. ( p304-305 ) ( Armstrong. Teaching Today: An Introduction to Education. 8th Edition. Pearson Learning )

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