500 Words

9 September 2016

Once the student has an introduction and body he finds himself falling short of the 500 word requirement. He builds upon the ideas he’s already stated and throws in a weak conclusion… and in Robert’s words, “when you retype it, you can make the margins a little wider. ” I don’t find this scenario to be exaggerated. Poor time management combined with little to no interest in the subject matter will result in poor writing. I’ve found myself pushing the spacing between the title and body of the essay, double spacing my headers, and cutting out spacing on the bottom of the page in order to meet an essays page length requirement.

I have yet to fool an instructor that cares and have been graded appropriately for my uncouth attempts. 3. The paper deserves nothing higher than a “D” considering it is a college level English course, the student didn’t really try, the student may have produced good work in the past (this paper is crap in comparison), and that the instructor may have been in a terrible mood while reaching for the bottom of a stack of papers reeking of redundancy.

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4. Roberts ability to hold the readers attention goes back to the first question: “How does this author’s opening draw us in? It is because it is relatable. My instructors, my peers, and I have all gone through what is described throughout this entire essay at least once through our education. 5. The author addresses the concern of of using a cliched argument that you truly believe on page 3. Roberts says, “Naturally personal convictions will sometimes dictate your approach. If the assigned subject is “Is Methodism Rewarding to the Individual? ” and you are a pious Methodist, you have really no choice. ” He would also say that you should try to make the writing as interesting as possible.

Look to the rest of his suggestions; avoid unnecessary padding, be straightforward, use words and language that will paint a picture of your convictions in your readers minds, and provide vivid specific examples. 6. Taking the less usual side of a topic for the sake of argument is not an issue of ethics as long is it is only for the sake of argument. Debate teams do not get to choose the side they will defend yet their personal ethics are not compromised. 7. The questions at the beginning of paragraph seven are intended to make you think.

If you are to approach and write about a subject that is dull without thinking about it then your writing will remain as dull as the subject. If you are to think of a different angle of attack then you may come across something new that intrigues others. 8. An English instructor may suggest rewriting the sentence as follows: “My socks creep up my ankles whenever I hear Gerber Sprinklittle play “Mississippi Man. ” 9. The sentence in paragraph twenty-five could be reworded to offer better sentence structure. Roberts justification for the error may be that it is there to emphasize his point.

It is meant to be read as if was written by a “dopey and fuzzy-minded beyond the average” college student. 10. The assumption here is that composing a 500 word essay that isn’t glued together with filler words and recurring thoughts is a daunting task for students… that we are all fools. I prefer Roberts’ wording because there is humor in it and it shouldn’t be taken seriously. If I were to dumb it down and rewrite as if it were to appear in a modern textbook it may look something like this, “The 500 word essay remains prominent within the college level English instructors curriculum. Reaching the word count

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