A Model of Christianity Charity

“A Model of Christianity Charity” was established in 1630 by a man, John Winthrop. John Winthrop was the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and, a lead figure towards the Puritan founders of New England.

He went and studied law at Trinity College, he served as justice of the peace and got a position in the government. John was political, he was great for having leadership skills and being a wise man. Although John was a very religious guy, he became a Puritan, which is a strict religious group that wanted to purify the Church of England.John and his family along with other Puritans set sail to New England on a ship named “Arabella”. The letter Winthrop wrote was given to his companions on the ship, this was because he wrote guidelines for them to live together as a Christian community because they did not know each other before this journey, they had come from different regions. John Winthrop and the Puritans sailing with him believed in creating a religious utopia in New England as an example towards the rest of the world. He wrote this letter for the purpose of giving words of inspiration and guidance to Christianity.

He talks about why God would create inequality, and the different reasons why. He tells us how inequality was created to give an opportunity to the wealthy and needy, to show about God’s grace. So, because of the inequality shown, he says “”, this tells us that any man who is in need of help another man should help him. Winthrop encourages us to be the best of ourselves and to help the poor beyond our ability, he wants us to help others and not leave it to God to miraculously do it. As a result, of wanting to create a religious utopia he gives us rules on how to live together as a community. This letter that Winthrop wrote is mainly instructing us on how to become a Christian, and because John was a Puritan everything is detailed because with Puritans it’s a strict religion.

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