7 Causes of Crimes and its Prevention

7 July 2016

Common causes of criminality can be traced through sociological and behavioral studies of the human condition. It is a fact of life that crimes occur only in the human sphere, and social relations are therefore a major aspect in approaching the issue of criminality. With this point of departure, we can objectively mention some factors that have been identified by professional practitioners engaged in the study of criminality, among whom are psychologists, sociologists, criminologists and others.

In a society like the Philippines, where poverty is a given, no second thought is needed to ascertain that in one way or another, poverty causes criminality. Crimes are committed in areas where the urban poor live, and their occurrence is quite regular. Poverty may not be strictly identified as a direct cause of crimes but certain circumstances brought forth by and within a situation of poverty cause them. 2. Abuse of Power. Another prominent cause of crime in Philippine society is somehow also related to our economic condition. It is not the type of crime perpetrated by people in a situation of poverty but one that terribly affects them.

7 Causes of Crimes and its Prevention Essay Example

It exploits the economic weakness of the poor, and none but the poor are the unfortunate victims of its ravaging onslaught. This cause of crime is: abuse of power. Abuse of power is routinely perpetrated by powerful government officials and law enforcers with a mandate to defend the rights of people and protect them from harm. Abuse of power is terribly serious in the Philippines. In most cases, crimes related to the abuse of power are not treated as crimes due to methods of circumventing the laws. According to the Talidari artisits, there are 10 causes of crime in general. 1.

Weakness People are not bad by nature, but sometimes simply too timid to resist the vicious demons that play on their weaknesses and cut their bond with the source of their Power. Humans are good by default, but not everyone is made of steel so as to defend themselves against the demonic forces – destructive emotions and detrimental attitudes: (fear, ignorance, hatred, worry, revenge, envy, attachment, greed, lust, selfishness, doubt, prejudice, pride, vanity, impatience, sloth, discrimination, arrogance, ambition, addiction, gluttony, criticism, blame, anxiety, frustration and so on.

There are two core reasons why weakness prevails with some: a) lack of faith, not believing enough in the power of one’s own internal weapons (against inner demons), such as: courage, tolerance, understanding, forgiveness, mercy, honesty, sincerity, integrity, honor, modesty, humbleness, generosity, love, compassion, kindness, detachment, patience, self-discipline, temperance, etc. b) imbalance – most criminals are simply too strong physically, pumping up the body muscles, but not enough the mental and emotional muscles.

The reason why their strength becomes weakness is because they are not balanced. 2. Poor judgment Lack of proper education and great role-models causes many to fail to distinguish right from wrong. In most cases offenders don’t think they are doing something wrong, it seems right from their point of view. Poor judgment is also reflected in knowing it’s wrong, but thinking they could get away with it, not getting caught. 3. Lack of love Being raised in a dysfunctional family, or coming from a disadvantaged background, or feeling discriminated, none of it alone can cause crime.

There are so many others in the world with such conditions, but nevertheless don’t turn to crime. However they cause the lack of love and respect for others. That, endorsed with some other factors, can be a major issue related to crime. 4. Poverty Poverty is often blamed for leading to crime, however underneath is something more vital – society bombards us with commercial values, making us want more and more material things, to the point when some would do anything (including criminal acts) to get them.

Unemployment is another factor in this category that contributes to crime through looking ways to earn money by any means possible. 5. Deprived neighborhoods Economically impoverished neighborhoods breed criminal minds Solution: if moving out is out of the question, then keep away from the guys in the hood by making yourself busy with putting your new show on the road. 6. TV violence 7. Being a victim in a chain of events Sometimes individuals don’t mean to cause harm, but are drawn into it by a chain of events that are beyond their control or influence. 8. Poor parenting skills

Examples are: Erratic or harsh discipline, lack of parental control, supervision and monitoring, parental conflict, family dysfunction/breakdown, criminal, anti-social and/or alcoholic parent/s. 9. Ecological It has long been known by police officers that cold winter nights keep criminals off the streets and crime levels down. Crime scientists speculate that one of the hidden consequences of global warming will be an increase in street crime during mild winters. Studies have suggested that warmer temperatures boost aggression hormones. 10. Fraudulent Supreme Court rulings

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