7 Dimensions of Wellness

1 January 2017

I was born and raised in Vietnam which is one of the poorest countries in the world due to many invasions. It shouldn’t be a surprised that any little meat for dinner could keep me happy for a whole month. Fast foods such as hamburgers, cheeses, pizzas never had a place in my childhood. Instead, vegetable and fruits were various and plenty. For that reason, we had learned to practice our cuisine with mainly vegetables and fruits. That cooking style was brought all the way to America. What did you do for fun as a kid?

Believe it or not, some of the young children nowadays do not believe in the age when there was no computer or media. This is because they are surrounded by modern day technologies. Unlike them, singing with my neighbors, exploring wood, dancing with friends, climbing on the trees, fishing, swimming in the river were what I did for entertainment. Active activities during the day put me to bed as early as eight o’clock at night. Thanks to the background I have experienced, having plenty of vegetables in meal or going outdoor physical activities have become normal in my daily life.

7 Dimensions of Wellness Essay Example

By this, I mean I have achieved the physical wellness in some positive degree. Physical wellness is “the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that allows us to get through our daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress. ” “Emotional wellness is the ability to understand feeling, accept limitation and achieve emotional stability. ” As a migrating family with little friends and relatives, we find comfort by sharing and listening to each other’s story every dinner time. This family tradition has shaped who I am today. I am an individual with both introvert and extrovert haracteristics. The extrovert perspective contributes to the fact that I speak up my mind quite easily. Opening myself to other helps reduce stress, therefore, promoting a healthy life. In the other hand, as an introvert, I develop deep thoughts and understand my own feeling as well as others’. Acknowledging and sharing feelings of anger, fear, sadness or stress; hope, love, joy and happiness are productive manners that contributes to my Emotional wellness. However, no one is perfect including me. I have found that I constantly compete with others in educational level.

When the outcome is undesirable, I may feel upset and disappointed. Fortunately, this stage has never lasted for more than a few days or has shown any concernedly negative impact to my daily life. Once again, my parents’ childhoods were connected to wars. There weren’t many opportunities for children during that time to go to school, especially, children of the poor. Growing up with poor education, labor works were the only option they have. As a child, I had witnessed how hard my parents worked in order for me to be in school. They often told me that they wanted the best for me.

Carrying the feeling of being loved, school has always been important to me. However, it wasn’t responsibility that pressured me to do well in school, but the enjoyment that I have with learning the new concepts, taking new challenges, and being intelligent. All of these contribute to my intellectual wellness which states that “your mind is engaged in lively interaction with the world around you. ” According to the seven dimensions of wellness, spiritual wellness is “the sense that life is meaningful and has purpose”. My family and I believe that Buddha creates challenges with the purpose of helping us to improve and become better.

Therefore, I face difficulties and the unfortunates as challenges. With this belief, I have established peace and harmony in my life. The seven dimension of wellness states that “social wellness is the ability to relate well to others, both within and outside the family unit. ” Once again, being both extrovert and introvert have benefited me in many ways. As an extrovert, I feel comfortable being around others. I am also an extrovert who engages others with positive attitudes such as friendliness, good listening, and respect. Therefore, I am able to establish a good social network and support system with others around me.

Being an introvert, I process deep thoughts, give good advices and make mature decisions. This made me a reliable friend, family member and bought me satisfaction of being useful to others. As a result, it contributes to my social wellness. Environmental wellness is described as “the capacity of living in a clean and safe environment. ” Keeping me and my surrounding clean are important because it doesn’t only provide refreshing feeling, but also affects my health such as preventing flu, infectious diseases, and other health-related matters in general.

The seven dimensions of wellness define occupational wellness as “the ability to perform your job skillfully and effectively under the conditions that provide personal and team satisfaction and adequately reward each individual. ” For some people, work is just for earning income to sustain life and to guard personal needs. For others, it means satisfaction, gaining knowledge, making connection, and earning respect. I belong to the second category. I truly respect all kinds of job as long as they are ethical and mean no harm to others. I believe, we can always learn something from our jobs no matter we like them or not.

I used to work as a waitress, hotel receptionist, office receptionist, secretary, and casino receptionist. The only job that I did not enjoy was the last one which does no good for others but harm. However, from these jobs, I have developed a good communication skill, gained some knowledge from them, multitasking better and most importantly, learned about black and white of the society in some degree. These factors contribute to my occupational wellness. Besides my family, knowledge about health is another factor that affects my health choice.

The more aware I am about diseases and what choices I have to prevent them, the better health choice I make. I am not a dreamer, so I set a small goal for myself. That is eating less meat. Meats are tempted and not expensive at all. However, the meats that we are consuming now are not the same as fifty years ago. Chemicals are involved in order to raise the quantity to meet the needs of the consumers. My first step to achieve this goal is to eat organic meat only. Organic food cost a lot more. I won’t be able to afford them, therefore, consuming less meat.

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