9 to 5 Movie Analysis

7 July 2016

At start of the movie, one of the black employees in the organization says that he hates his job and has never been promoted despite constant efforts to maximize his productivity. Too many rules and regulations were introduced in the workplace, “office that looks efficient is efficient. ” Women don’t get promotion to top level easily, violet had been working since last 12 years but her trainee got promoted faster than she did because the trainee was male. According to Mr.

Hart teamwork experience is learned from the game of football, since women don’t play football they are unaware of how to work in a team, this reflected negatively amongst many employees and Violet’s temper increased day-by-day, she told Mr. Hart’s assistant when she was assigned a task to deliver few paper, “I know exactly where to stick it up,” indicating her frustrations towards work. Mr. Hart purposely threw pencil case down when his assistant was writing a letter, he wanted her to bend so he could she her cleavage. He was a flirt and took the best advantage of his higher position.

9 to 5 Movie Analysis Essay Example

He later pretended to help her by helping her pick few pencil of the floor trying to show that he actually cared, his intentions were to impress her and make her indulged in sexual relationships with him. However he did have feelings for Doralee and was not strictly for sexual pleasure, not that they ever indulged in one. Violet, “playing it safe” when Hart presented her idea to the president of the company without giving her any credits, she dint react immediately because she wanted the promotion that only Hart could provide. Later Bob gets promoted and not her, “clients like to deal with men,” increasing her frustrations towards Mr.

Hart. Her relationship with her son is unique in comparison to most of the relationship that mother and child hold. She is open about smoking joints with and in front of her son; in fact her son rolled a joint for her so she would calm down from workplace frustrations. Violet smokes marijuana in the office bathroom, she is open to take risks. When Violet, Judy and Doralee smoke together, they hallucinate about killing/torturing Hart, this depicts like a revolution against the upper class by the common people. All three became friends due to one common factor and that was their hatred towards Hart.

“I know how you feel,” Roz told Violet when Hart was admitted in the hospital. Roz thought that Violet was upset and she was concerned about Mr. Hart’s health, but in reality she was concerned about herself and figuring a way out of the mess she had created. She accidently put “rat-poison” in Hart’s coffee, soon after which Mr. Hart had lost consciousness and was admitted in the hospital. Doralee on the other hand played her part as an employee and immediately called for ambulance to seek help even though had spread false rumors about her and was constantly harassing her knowing that she was married and not interested.

Doralee was an active employee and completed her tasks successfully even though she was harassed constantly. Work was her priority and she was good at her work, she played a critical role when she tied up Mr. Hart in the office when he accused her and her friends for attempted murder towards him. She tried to explain the whole situation calmly, but Mr. Hart was unwilling to listen, he instead told her to visit him at his place. This was against her values especially as a wife and circumstances forced her to engage in such behaviors.

Difference between how the three women treat him and how they were treated in the organization varies enormously. In office work is supposed to be considered fun, this has resulted in long hours of torture and monotonous tasks. Employees working in this organization feel like they have been prisoned during working hours. However these three women after chaining him down like a prisoner and keeping him within four walls provided Mr. Hart with magazines, television and cigars for entertainment along with lunch deliveries so he would not starve. The emotional considerations of these women are way higher in comparison to Mr.

Hart, whose motive is power and money for self-consumption. Mr. Hart’s absence was not felt amongst majority of the employees in the organization, exception being Roz. Roz had closer working relationship with Mr. Hart because she did everything she was asked for and completed her task without questioning, nor did she respond out of turn. She wanted to be monitored by superiors; in this manner she could avoid problems for herself as well. When Doralee told her that she was assigned to complete a task in France by Mr. Hart, she immediately left for France without inquiring or finalizing with Mr.

Hart. She did not question her superiors and completed her tasks, her flexibility and ability to complete her task was well appreciated by Mr. Hart. Men excel women in workplace and therefore higher positions should be appointed to men rather than women. Teamwork is essential, all employees were expected to work together and cover one another’s back in times of crises, however benefits were shared by very few, even though inputs were divided amongst employees. Status was important, boss is always more powerful and has complete authority to make final calls. Salary discussions were not permitted.

One common factor amongst most of the employees was that they all shared common language, this firm did not have diversified group of employees. This is not always a positive factor; diversity brings in more idea, creativity and innovation from different perspectives and standpoints. Dick, Judy’s ex-husband plays a small role in this film. Dick seems to be male-dominated and expects Judy to take him back when he goes to visit her. He had left Judy because he was in love with his secretary; at that point he did not account for Judy’s feelings but expected her to have same feelings for him even after their marriage was over.

Misunderstanding takes place when Dick accuses her for sleeping with her boss right after their marriage came to an end. Hart was chained and tied up in the room, Dick that Hart and Judy were engaging in some sort of sex games and his misunderstanding was never cleared because Judy accepted the accusations even though they were false, and immediately threw Dick out of the house, she did not want Dick finding out further information on this case. Throwing her husband out was something she had never done before; this left her more brave and courageous.

“Several people lost their hearing in this room” Violet told Judy while making copies in the Xerox room. However no action was taken against it, nor was it replaced. This reflects negatively upon organizational ethics and gives a sense of perception that organization/Mr. Hart did not care as long as their costs were cut and profits maximized. Violet, Judy and Doralee wanted promotion, equality, more liberty and less stress during office hours. When they kidnapped Mr. Hart they tried to renegotiate their contract, this was not successful as Mr. Hart was growing more impatient and was not ready to meet any of their needs.

This forced Violet, Judy and Doralee to take control of the office in absence of Mr. Hart. They managed to successfully convince all employees that Mr. Hart was in office even though he was tied up in his house. Upon gaining Mr. Hart’s position three women changed work policies and practices. They introduced breaks for their employees giving them an opportunity to socialize with their colleagues and get to know one another better. There was more freedom in the office for employees, they were not constantly monitored this helped reduced the pressure and stress level amongst employees.

They allowed employees to place photo frames of their beloved once on their work table, this was not allowed under Mr. Hart’s regime. New salary policies were introduced for employees, new policies included increase in wages for all employees no matter whether they were janitor or bottom level employees. Their salaries were increased to boost motivation in the organization and outcomes were positive. They introduced day care center for employees, this was introduced to avoid high stress level amongst employees. Employees could visit day care center if they felt sick during work hours as well.

This reduced sick leaves, and boosted morale to work harder as employees were more active than they were previously. Part time work was introduced in the organization; under Mr. Hart’s presence organization had standardized working hours for all its employees no matter male or female, young or old. Part time working hours introduced flexibility amongst many employees, retention rate dropped drastically as employees could come work when available and also maintain a balance between their work life and personal life.

Violet and her friends managed to spend good amount of organization’s money on renovation of the workplace, in an attempt to make it look new and lively, their attempt was successful. This attempt was not made previously because Mr. Hart wanted to cut down cost so that he could increase his pockets, little did he know that renovating would be a successful investment that would increase profits in long term. Black people were employed and given positions that were above the standards of janitor as long as they met the job specifications.

They were given their own desk to work in and this brought an end to ‘racism’ against the blacks. Organization prohibited such actions before and more than 90% of the employees working in higher positions were white male or female. Upon her arrival in the country, Mrs. Hart went home just to see her husband tied and chained up. She immediately loosened him and set him free. She was unaware of her husband’s workplace practices, she thought he dearly loved her and was loyal and supportive towards her husband.

She tried to set up a trap for Doralee by sending her to Hart’s house inside which Mr. Hart was held hostage. As soon as Mr. Hart returns to the office, he tries to get standard procedures back in order in a complete authoritarian approach. He threatens Violet, Judy and Doralee telling them “Send you three bitches to jail,” remarks like these represent the value and respect Mr. Hart had towards women in workplace, this could increase demotivation and decrease the lack of ability to perform better amongst employees. However, Mr.

Hart did not take into account what other employees might feel and hence often heard using foul language in workplace. When chairman of the company decides to show up unannounced, Mr. Hart gets extremely paranoid and feels insecure. Violet, Judy and Doralee had completely changed the organizational structure along with organizational norms and roles, this increased Mr. Hart’s tension. However when chairman of the company sees that employees were happy and motivated he praises Mr. Hart for his performance and his work ethics. Confused and speechless, Mr.

Hart introduced Violet to his chairman and decided to give her credits for bringing in the change; he would have given Violet no credits if he knew what Mr. Hart was talking about, unaware of certain terms and concepts he gave full responsibility to Violet, who successfully impressed the chairman. Towards the end of the movie, Mr. Hart gets promoted by his chairman and is expected to work in their Brazilian office. Three women celebrate upon hearing this. Doralee has a friendly personality, tries to make friends with other employees in the organization but no one becomes her friend because of the misjudgment of what she is like.

Her closeness towards the boss brings jealousy amongst her line of employees, she is pretty and this creates insecurity amongst other employees, hence she is always left alone despite constant efforts. Misunderstanding takes place when he tells everyone in the office that he has been having an affair with Doralee. Things change from here on, Doralee becomes impatient and learns to speak up for her, in order to defend herself from false accusations. Inaccurate judgment takes place when Violet thinks Mr. Hart is dead due to rat poisoning that was dissolved in his coffee.

Upon her visit to the hospital in which Hart was admitted, she overheard the doctor saying ‘he is dead’ and thought it was Hart. She takes the body out of the hospital bed before a mandatory autopsy was carried out; not knowing it was someone else. This misjudgment could have resulted in federal offence if things did not fall back to normal. This incident also indicates that Violet has no boundaries set for herself, and can reach any extent to stay out of trouble and keep herself clean from criminal records. Violet wanted to take the body and dump it elsewhere so no proofs were found, however Doralee had a different approach in mind.

She played like a devil’s advocate and constantly disagreed to Violet’s plans. Juliet was paranoid as well, but wanted to make cautious decisions that would result in effectiveness. Her patience towards the matter brought an end to Violet’s and Doralee’s quarrel over the dead body. Accurate judgment takes place when Violet, Judy and Doralee decide to take over the office in absence of Mr. Hart. These three women had managed to kidnap Mr. Hart in his own house; he was kidnapped because employees were tired of his central command structure in the office.

He would hold employees back to make them work longer, engage in sexual harassment cases and always held a brutal tone towards lower level employees. Violet, Judy and Doralee were employees that were tortured and harassed by Mr. Hart. As employees working for their boss, they knew exactly what practices were hated by employees and which were not, each varying a little based on perception. However they did hold an accurate judgment when it came to dealing with employees, as soon as they took control over Mr. Hart’s position they introduced policies that would reflect positively upon employees from their own perspectives.

The outcome was positive and organization experience enormous increase in profits over a period of 2-4 weeks. They knew exactly what policies and procedures were lacking in the organization and immediately restricted for better outcome for the organization and the employees within. Mr. Hart was an authoritarian leader in eyes of most of his employees. He wanted his assigned work completed on schedule, giving exception to few employees for the mistakes they commit; his forgiveness is based upon personal vendetta that he holds against the employee.

Hart ‘fired’ a female employee upon finding out that she had been discussing about salaries in the work place during work hours. He held no sympathy towards the women before making decisions. He also engaged in sexual harassment practices towards his employees, he made wrong use of his power in status in the organization. Hart was unhappy by the promotion and realized the torture and pain his employees undergo every day in order to keep up with him, his demands and his work practices. He paid his dues when he was abducted by a tribe in Brazil, ‘what goes around comes around. ’

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