A beach resort

7 July 2016

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I am Jocelyn Chang, PR of the Paradise Beach Resort. Welcome to this new beach resort. The Paradise Beach Resort is a golf and beach resort which is a one-hour drive from Kuching. The resort is situated along a beautiful coastline of unspoilt sandy beach fringed by swaying palm trees and crystal-clear water. The hotel lobby is exquisitely designed. The ambience gives visitors a feeling of grandeur and serenity at the same time.

There are 120 rooms in our resort. Every room has a breathtaking view from its balcony. The rooms are equipped with five-star facilities such as comfortable and cozy beds, attached bathrooms, piped-in music, television sets, small refrigerators and air-conditioning. Call on our bubbly and friendly staff if you need help. For golf enthusiasts, come and have a round at our magnificent golf course. Dip into our well-designed pool and have a great work out at our gymnasium and squash court.

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Besides, we have several restaurants serving great sumptuous meals including both local and international food. Guests can also have a barbecue for all or private romantic candle-lit dinners under the stars in the evening. Furthermore, there are many exciting and well-organised activities for our guests. Beach and sea-water lovers, we offer beach volleyball, crab-catching, swimming, jet-skiing, para-sailing, canoeing, scuba diving and surfing. Also provided are indoor games such as squash, aerobics and a variety of boardgames.

Guests can also go jogging or cycling on rented bicycles around the resort. In conjunction with our opening, we have promotional offers like family packages and 2-night 3-day offers. This resort is truly a paradise for people of all ages and interests. Grab the opportunity to come to the Paradise Beach Resort for both business and pleasure. For those who are interested, quickly make your inquiries or reservations through our website, www. [email protected] com. my. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for coming.

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