A Breakdown of the Song Paranoid Android by Radiohead

12 December 2017

Radioed. It Is made up of 4 distinctive sections, taking influences from songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Happiness Is a Warm Gun by The Beetles. Ere first section, which lasts from 0:00 to 2:03, Is In a 4/4 time signature. The song starts with an acoustic guitar riff played In the key of G minor. Shaken percussion Instruments are in the background. An electric guitar with a phases effect comes In at he 5th bar.

Vocals come In on the 8th bar, with the melody spanning an octave and a third In the opening lines. The bass guitar comes In about 50 seconds In, following the chord progression by playing root notes. Ere second section, lasting from 2:04 to 3:37, Is also In 4/4 telling, however there are several 3 bar segments played in 7/8 timing. This section is of similar tempo to the first section, about 84 BPML. This section again starts with an acoustic guitar riff, laded in the key of A minor.The bass guitar also plays this riff simultaneously. Shaken percussion instruments can still be heard.

A Breakdown of the Song Paranoid Android by Radiohead Essay Example

Clean, palm muted electric guitar also plays the opening riff. At 2:46, the electric guitar becomes overdriven, and an AAA power chord is played, before playing the opening riff again. Kill switching techniques (muting and muting the guitar sound quickly) are used before an electric guitar solo, starting at 3:07 and lasting until 3:37.

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