A British National Identity

4 April 2015
This paper examines the strength of the British national identity.

This paper uses the resources of Linda Colley?s “Britons,” a book about how such an identity came to be. It shows that the religion, British Protestantism, and its unique monarchy, as well as imperialistic dominance all played a part in creating a pride in being British.
From the paper:

“The United Kingdom today, along with France and Germany, is thought of as having one of the strongest senses of national identity of any country in the current European Community. Yet this was not always the case. How did a concept of ?Englishness? or ?Britishness? develop and solidify in the national consciousness? How did this small island nation of Scots, Welsh, and Anglo-Irish, and Anglos form a cohesive sense of themselves? Linda Colley?s book ‘Britons’ attempts to answer this question.”

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