A Building is not Just a Building

Differing opinions on the J.Paul Getty Museum.

This paper looks at the differing opinions with regards to the J.Paul Getty Museum and the way it was built. Reviews from the Los Angeles Times and the Atlanta Constitution Journal contend that a building is not just a building. The two critics from the above newspapers agree and disagree with regards to certain points about the building.
“Ouroussoff writes in the Times:

But although these public areas are thoughtfully balanced, the complex as a whole does not cohere. The more private structures (aside from the auditorium) seem isolated on the wrong side of the trackless-tramway. A palm-lined garden, submerged three stories below plaza level–is the area’s central event. Around it, cloistered walkways and metal bridges connect the various buildings. Meier skewed placement of these buildings slightly to line them up with the freeway rambling by below. But the shift is imperceptible, and you never feel its weight. Instead, the buildings simply seem detached, their function hidden behind slick metal and glass facades (p. A1)”

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