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7 July 2017

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In John Updike’s short narrative. “A & A ; P. ” Sammy. the storyteller. tickers three misss one afternoon while he works as a teller in an “A & A ; P” food market shop. The misss are attractive in their Bikini. but clearly they do non affect the shop director. Lengel. who publicly embarrasses them. taking Sammy to discontinue his occupation. In the terminal. no 1 notices his heroic protest. and he starts to worry whether his hereafter will be suffering. I do non believe so ; I believe he makes the right determination. vacating non merely to affect the misss. but besides to arise against the policy-based positions in society. Although he fails to obtain regard from the misss. his determination. his first measure in transforming his unsatisfactory life. may assist him recognize who he is and who he wants to be.

Sammy wants to alter his life before he meets the misss ; their reaching seems to trip him to recognize more to the full his dissatisfaction. They demonstrate traits he admires. Their arresting visual aspect triggers his grasp of beauty ; their attention-grabbing ability triggers his desire to be typical ; possibly Queenie’s leading triggers his desire to be himself. As she walks in with “a sort of dainty face” ( Updike 1493 ) . he explains. “Walking into the A & A ; P…I suppose it’s the lone sort of face you can have” ( 1493 ) . While he’s busy watching her wander about. he expounds how “the store’s reasonably empty. it being Thursday afternoon. so there was nil much to do” ( 1494 ) . He notices she’s different from her two friends. even from her stairss. “Not this queen” ( 1493 ) . he says several times in his observations. stressing her singularity. When he sees his queen embarrassed by Lengel. he feels he has to stand up and be the “unsuspected hero” ( 1496 ) . coercing him to do the right determination for himself. Although she does non detect his surrender. he does something with free will. Influenced by the misss. he explains how much he disdains his working environment. including his colleagues and the clients. The A & A ; P is located in the “north of Boston and there’s people in this town haven’t seen the ocean for 20 years” ( 1494 ) . he says reenforcing how uneven it is that three misss come in have oning merely bathing suits. Sammy has a mocking tone to depict his colleague. Stokesie.

When Stokesie expresses his grasp for the misss. Sammy explains that “Stokesie’s married. with two babes chalked up on his fuselage already” ( 1494 ) . He “thinks he’s traveling to be director some cheery twenty-four hours. possibly in 1990 when it’s called the Great Alexandrov and Petrooshki Tea Company or something” ( 1494 ) . Clearly. Sammy does non expect a hereafter like Stokesie’s. Additionally. he does non esteem the shop director. Lengel. naming him “pretty dreary. [ and he ] Teachs Sunday school” ( 1495 ) . He “hides all day” ( 1495 ) in his office “marked MANAGER” ( 1495 ) . Sammy does non give much regard to the clients either. connoting that they are animate beings: “…I got [ a client ] plumes smoothed” ( 1492 ) and “ [ they are ] like frightened hogs in a chute” ( 1496 ) . Subsequently. he equates the clients with “sheep” ( 1493 ) . kicking how the fifty-year-old “witch” ( 1492 ) “starts giving [ him ] hell” ( 1492 ) when he accidently rings an point twice. Though it may seems these ideas come after Sammy sees the misss. the resentful tone reveals how he already dislikes his occupation before he meets the misss. Discontinuing has been rooted in his head for a long clip.

Though Sammy “fe [ ELs ] …the universe [ is ] traveling to be [ difficult ] to [ him ] hereafter” ( 1497 ) . his hereafter is now in his ain custodies. Like most immature work forces. Sammy seeks felicity. freedom. an exciting life. If he spends his life behind a registry detecting others. he might ne’er fulfill his desires. When Queenie explains that she is merely acquiring “a jar of herring snacks” ( 1495 ) for her female parent. Sammy “slid [ Es ] right down her voice into her life room. Her male parent and the other work forces were standing about in ice-cream coats and bow ties and the adult females were in sandals picking up herring bites on toothpicks off a large glass home base and they were all keeping drinks the colour of H2O with olives and branchlets of batch in them” ( 1495 ) . Sammy sardonically mocks how his parents “get lemonade” ( 1495 ) when they “have person over” ( 1495 ) . even “if it’s a existent racy matter Schlitz in tall spectacless with ‘They’ll Do It Every Time’ sketchs stenciled on” ( 1495 ) .

As Sammy runs out to the parking batch to “look around for [ his ] girls…they’re gone. of course” ( 1496 ) . “Of class. ” Of class. he is cognizant that the misss will non detect his surrender. He quits the occupation for himself. He makes his determination non because “it seems to [ him ] that one time you begin a gesture its fatal non to travel through with it” ( 1496 ) . but he needs to take action. to interrupt through the coop of imaginativeness. In contrast to Lengel’s “old and gray” ( 1496 ) face inside the shop. “outside the sunlight is skating about on the asphalt” ( 1496 ) . Sammy’s going to the parking batch represents his first measure into his hereafter. with the Sun polishing ; his farewell to the past. go forthing Lengel’s “dark gray” ( 1497 ) face and “stiff [ ing ] ” ( 1497 ) back.

Sammy’s surrender may non look like a practical pick ; on the other manus. it may take to a better hereafter. It surely requires moral bravery. Because Sammy’s present universe is unsatisfactory. he lives in an imagined 1. where he observes everyone else. If he quits. he can step into a better universe. 1 he has yet to conceive of. but one that may be brighter than the “dark gray” ( 1497 ) of Lengel’s face or the humdrum of Stokesie’s hereafter. Discontinuing represents his first measure out of his fanciful universe. What is left now is the practical universe which will coerce him to face world and may finally take him to happen felicity. nevertheless hard the way.

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