A Celebration of an Ending

7 July 2019

For those who try to shield their earsfrom mainstream music, or are tired of it, Before Today’s debutalbum, “A Celebration of an Ending,” may be just whatyou’ve been looking for. You might not recognize the nameBefore Today, since they were only recently signed and have undergone aname change because of copyright issues (they were called Early Times).You may recognize Coheed and Cambria, Alexisonfire, Codeseven, Vaux,Fear Before the March of Flames or Bane. All these bands signed withEqual Vision Records, the same label as Before Today (EVR produced someof Saves the Day’s older albums). So now, hopefully, you’vegot a better idea of where these guys are coming from. AlthoughI’ve seen “A Celebration of an Ending” labeled emo,hardcore punk and even melodic punk, Before Today’s music isoriginal and has a hard time fitting neatly into any one category. Eventhough the majority of the CD is filled with loud, fast music, there aresongs in different styles, like “Shallow Pockets” and“Well of Tradition,” showing that these guys can change itup. The CD has some blues/jazz aspects to it, and as for tryingto stuff it into the melodic punk category, it contains too many complexand technical aspects to fit, all while keeping the music clean. The album not only has some good guitar riffs but good lyricstoo. Before Today’s songs are filled with positive messages, a farcry from the angst-filled lyrics which usually accompany hardcore music(but don’t worry, there’s still some angst). Fitting into multiple genres makes this album appealing for alltypes of music lovers. “A Celebration of an Ending” isunique, complex and, best of all, loud! What more could you askfor?

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