A Changing Moment

5 May 2019

As we grow and change as people our views of people will change as well. I am going to tell you about a moment that has forever changed my life. “It all happened about three years ago when my English teacher decided on a documentary video on Sir Martin Luther King Jr.!”

At the time I was a violent child, who wanted trouble. Little did I know that this one video would shape who I would become in the near future.

A Changing Moment Essay Example

Even though the video was about Martin Luther King Jr. the main view was from the protesters following him. From the information that I had gathered, they wanted the one thing I still take for granted “Freedom!”

Even though I was mesmerized by the film; I found that mind had wandered to details like how my teacher looked and smelled that day. My teacher wore a blue flower pattern dress and smelled vaguely of roses. When I compared this to myself I figured in comparison to the teacher, I dressed very casual. I was wearing a Garfield t-shirt, blue jeans and I smelled apparently like a week old chili.

Now I will admit, tried several times to ignore the video by reading a book, then I tried to sleep but through all the fronts I had to admit that the video appealed to me. Then I noticed the other students getting ready to leave, the teacher said “we will pick up the video tomorrow.’

After this the bell rang and she said “I hope you have a great day.” The following day we did as promised and continued and finished the video. On that day, I made a promise that I will never judge a person because of how they look or act. It has almost been three years since the promise and I will continue to keep that promise for the rest of my life.

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