A Comparative Analysis of the HRM Systems in Japan and Germany

4 April 2015
This paper is an in-depth examination of the human resource management systems in Japan and Germany.

This paper provides a comparative analysis of the human resource management systems used in Japan and Germany predominantly making use of the Harvard model which is included as a diagram. Areas used for comparison are extensive and include culture, laws, management philosophy, decision making and trade unions to mention but a few. A diagram of the Japanese style of HRM is also included.
From the Paper:

“Increased interest in international human resource management has led to the classification of its processes and influences. One particular classification or framework is that of the Map of Human Resource Territory, later adopting the name of the Harvard Model, which was designed by Beer, Spector, Lawrence, Mills and Walton in 1984. This model is useful as it accepts that there are differing approaches to the employment relationship. Indeed Porter argues that the model has potential for comparative analysis. The Harvard model illustrates that there are a variety of stakeholders in an organization including shareholders, various groups of employees, the government and the community. It recognizes the legitimate interests of these various groups and that the creation of HRM strategies should recognize these interests and combine them as much possible into the strategy of the business. Indeed the Harvard model is fundamentally both prescriptive and analytical. It is important to bear in mind however that the ideas put forward by the model are arguably based on the American culture. This is important to remember when using the model as an analytical framework to compare other countries.”

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