A Comparison of Haiti and the United States of America Essay Sample

10 October 2017

Two states. Many differences. Many similarities. Between the U. S. A. and Haiti. the civilizations seem wholly different but looks can be lead oning. Haiti may look to be a bad topographic point and may look to be hapless. but the similarities between the U. S. and them can be reasonably perplexing.

The U. S. A has plentifulness of its ain particular things that merely it has. One is the population. The population of the U. S. A is 313. 847. 468 people as of June 2012. The U. S. A. has the 3rd largest population in the universe. Then you have our literacy rate which is 99 % . That is because most of our pupils have a steady school that they can travel to and experience slightly safe. Finally you have the U. S. dollar which is a batch more valuable than a Haitian gourde. That is what the U. S has and the island state on the island of Hispaniola. Haiti.

Haiti has a batch of its ain particular oddities and ruin. Like the U. S one of the particular oddities is population. Haiti has a population 9. 801. 664 people as of June 2012. That is pretty miniscule compared to the U. S. A. ’s population. Next is Haiti’s literacy rate which is 52. 9 % . I think that is because of the recent temblor and all of the devastation that it caused doing the edifices crumble and doing less educational constitutions in Haiti. Finally the Haitian currency is Haitian gourdes. Compared to the U. S. dollar it is highly little sum of money. That is what the island state has to offer and what the U. S. can’t.

Now. everything has its similarities and differences. The similarities between the U. S. and Haiti are. first. faiths. The top faiths in these states are Protestant and Roman Catholic. Those are besides two of the most popular faiths in the universe. Another similarity is holding a similar cultural group. Those cultural groups are black and white. which is likely because of the country they are in. They both have a signifier of a democracy. Even though America’s is a fundamental law federal democracy with a strong democratic tradition. and Haiti is merely a field democracy. Those are the similarities of America and Haiti.

Two things + Many differences +Many similarities = life. This expression is besides used for these two states. With the U. S. A making its ain thing and Haiti making different. the universe can’t be the same because of the state of affairss we’ve been through. These two states no affair how similar or different are their ain person.

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