A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr

8 August 2019

Review of A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr.

What makes a song classified under true country music? Well Hank Williams Jr knows the answer to that question. In his song A Country Boy Can Survive Hank truly does express what it means to be country. This is shown by the use of storytelling, the tone of the instruments, and his choice of words. Hank Williams Jr is one of the original country boys raised by his father Hank Williams Sr who really brought country music to life.

A Country Boy Can Survive by Hank Williams Jr Essay Example

When Hank Williams Jr originally wrote this song there were multiple different things going on, primarily country people were considered outsiders. This shows through him saying that all the people with shotguns, rifles, and four wheel drives will survive. He then goes to talk about his friend in New York City, who had never called him by his true name but only by hillbilly, and then continues to say he was close enough to shooting the guy who killed him for 43 dollars.

The tone of instruments that he used in this song really brings it together with the same rhythm throughout the song. The guitar is the main instrument played along with the bass in the background. This tone makes it sound very country in style. Also you can hear the beat in the background sounds similar to that of a constant moving train. This choice of tone makes the song sound very well with the choice of lyrics.

Hank Williams Jr shows unique character with the choice of words in this song. With his bold character he says “you can’t stomp us out, and you can’t make us run because we them old boys raised on shotguns” which really does make you feel like he’s talking straight to you. There are also other instances with blood structure like “we came from the West Virginia tall pines and the Rocky Mountains with the western skies.” This descriptive choice of lyrics shows depth to the song.

In conclusion, Hank Williams Jr did an outstanding job with “A Country Boy Can Survive”. Many people have a true life like it is described in the song and that is why it connects to so many people.With his unique choice of storytelling it becomes like you’re in the song. And the tone of the instruments show character to the type of artist he is. And last his choice of words make the story sound very impactful to his audience. Overall Hank will always be considered one of the best country artists there ever was.

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